Impossible to win with Ana

no, sorry.
my games this season (Team League, Solo Queue)
12 wins 6 loss -> 66.7%
last game played:
2 games yesterday (1/10/2019), no Imperius. Both wins.
2 games 2 days ago (1/9/2019), 1 Imperious game on enemy team. Both wins.
2 games 3 days ago (1/8/2019, no Imperious. Both wins.


as someone who plays ana as one of my primary healers i think i will investigate QM with ana. i really havent been queuing as her for QM… not that i play QM much to begin with :stuck_out_tongue:

i will play a few games and get back with any other opinion on QM if its different than my TL opinion.

Contradictory… You won 1 game yet claim it is impossible…

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I find with ann, it needs to be a lot of games with sleep build to be effective.
Watch this to get an idea how to play ann:- YouTube

Of course not completely true, because I now won 2 games in 12 matches.
But I saw a significant decrease in winrate since the update for QM at least.

So you’re saying you managed to increase your winrate by 100%!

That’s insanely good, Ana’s winrates increasing by 100%!!! nerf please bliz!

(but seriously, even though it feels terrible to lose like that (I know the feeling), 12 games is way to small a sample size to be meaningful)

Actually Ana is super strong and probably will continue to be, however you might be right about not being able to carry as support as minority of them can actually do it (I think)

Ana, Tyrande, Stukov, Kharazim, those are the 4 supports that can actually carry a game, however they have their downsides too:

The first 2 need strong frontline composition to justify the pick though (especially vs heavy/hard dive), and

The later 2 incline your team be relatively close to one another in order to successfully “operate” your saves. If you play either of the two if opponent managed to separate a teammate from a fight going the other way = the whole fight is lost when that happens, really have to operate as close 5 in order for these two to shine

Rest of them are just plain thrash and relatively unimpactful toward the final outcome of a day though (well maybe Lili but that’s more like opponent fault not picking a reliable stun to prevent your ult going all the way)

The most games you might/would find super frustrating IMO is by far Auriel = if your team is scared and doesn’t do DPS (or tank is super “wise” at their decision making and always nitpicky about the engage) => they don’t/won’t have any heal either, and is quite frustrating when that happens I think : P

Get these all the time.
One game the tank (muradin) kept jumping in the enemy group, die, blame me for not healing and being useless during the game.

Obviously, without peel I cannot do my work properly.
Also, I won’t suicide in unwinnable brawls (2v4).

I am somewhat of a genius myself, if I may say so.

The sample size is indeed small and not significant, but on a short term it is still surprisingly different from the usual.
But on the other hand, before the games didn’t feature 2 tanks standard and less CC was involved.

I will of course play more and see how that will work out :slight_smile:

I’m happy to play with you if you want someone who will dodge your heals only 80% of the time instead of 90% of the time!


edit: or are those percentages not high enough? Maybe i’ll dodge only 98% instead of the standard 99%?


He can talent into getting a small heal whenever he removes a mark/seal with a basic attack, but those are most effective with his Molten Armor anyways as it puts it back up again with high frequeny.

Ended my night with yet another 6 loss streak :’)
Both with Ana and Nova.

The RNG to win is not in my favor, time to cry in a corner and #Uninstall the game coz #GameIsDed :salt: :salt:

I like Ana vs Imperius, his abilities do nothing after lvl 7 basically.

Not sure if youre doing Ana right.

Really gotta keep the distance with him, he can screw midrange mages and healers like guldan and morales, but since you’re ana you should be even further back and simply tell your team to not be incredibly forward. Imperius wants to engage on you, not the other way around.

I think your teammates are doing a bad job, but idk about you though, drop in some replays for these I may get a peak on them.

Like I said, it is not necessarily Imperius that is troublesome.
Matchmaking since his update is somehow different and the cause of all my losses.

I don’t have a lot of trouble against him, honestly.
But I feel either the people I play with are of a different … skill … or QM team compositions became unfavorable for me.

well yea QM is back to fiesta mode now since they undid the changes to guarantee tank+healer in every game cos assassin mains cried about queue times.

but still press R on ur caster in team fight = free wins with ana
and she has amazing healing output if you are skilled player
so rly nothing to be crying about while playing as her

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Lv 83 Ana, so I am quite experienced with her.
4 games of ranked also all came out as a loss with big stomps (3-4 level differences).

Even if I nano my caster, they either run away or run INSIDE groups instead of playing as usual.

I honestly don’t get all these sudden losses.
Before the latest update I was doing just fine after all.

With imperious in the lineup and everyone trying him you can count on 2-3 warriors on a team. Keep that in mind when picking for QM.

Is it impossible to win with Ana? No, but sure as heck is it pulsedriving.

Also this is the place to share other Ana plays:

*goes away after shameful thread advertisement*


ok my QM starting from yesterday:
10 games
6 losses = 60%
4 wins = 40%

wtf moment:
Map Warhead Junction.

The two tanks decide, with all the enemy up it is a good time to take a boss. Meanwhile a Azmo and BW push down top with a merc camp. As they approach the fort I ping multiple times to defend. Nothing has gone horribly wrong yet so we can still stop this! They continue to boss and me being Ana I cant do anything against them so I heal. I tell them “Top Lane!”. No response. It is about this time Azmo breaks down the fort and proceeds to the core and I say “Azmo is on the core!”.

Now here is where things go wonderfully wrong. Azmo’s team shows up. So all of us have to fight 3 of them and we manage to somehow cap this boss we shouldnt have even started. Varian makes his way out and ports. By this time though its too late. Azmo already got the core to 20% by the time Varian got there and with all the mercs and stuff? its over. Azmo, Brightwing, and the mercs 100 to 0 the core because we had to just have the boss. No one would port to stop them.

I had a fairly high winrate around 75% with Li Li in QM this season. Then I played TL, 5 wins with Li Li and 5 losses with others. Then I played HL (same rank), had like 1-5 with Li Li but 5-0 on Johanna (luck or Heccu, I like Jo but have a 35% lifetime).

Every loss streak annoys me greatly, but really 5-10-15 matches do not matter statistically. Since then, all of the above mentioned outlier streaks have gotten back to normal.