Illidan needs more then a pathetic health buff

The last buff to Illidan was pathetic. Do these brain dead developers think this is what he needed? OK, I did say they were brain dead so I should be that surprised. Jesus mother of god a band of zoo monkeys could do better. Do the developers even play this game!?!? Tell ya what blizz hire me and fire the rest of what you haven’t so far and I will make you a team that will bring this game back into the E-sport light it deserves. MAGA.

Being an Illidan main, I miss double sweep greatly. The quest has been very difficult to master but i’ve come to master the double sweep quest.

It was in his base kit and should return to his base kit.

With that being said Illidan is fine, it is the players that are bad. I won 4 ranked games in a row just now with Illidan, my first ranked games in a couple of years since i stopped playing ranked.

They aren’t going to listen to someone who is talking smack by the way. If you want any real change you need to be reasonable, less rude, and constructive.

lvl 107 Illidan

Illidan has always been very hard to play. Requires many games to master

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i think illidan needs a larger health pool and a better coping mechanism for being stunned.

Just seeing if you can respond or if the forums are completely dead.

Illidan players need to develop one of their own because he’s not getting buffs unless Aba gets a rework :sunglasses: