I think gold accumulation is too slow

it is my opinion that gold comes in just too slow. i feel like a snail trying to get 10k to buy cassia. its been over a week and i have 4500 gold. it took me a month to get 10k to buy yrel, thats with playing every day. i maybe used 1k for rerolls.

this seems too slow. i understand you need people to buy heroes, but i think overall the problem is that once i complete my daily quests, i can spend all day playing games and not even get 500 gold.

i think something needs to be done to reward players for continuing to play after completing their daily quests. i think gold rewarded per game should increase the more games you queue for in a row. for example, on smite, there is a ‘play again’ button that appears. i think you should be able to hit a button like this, and a game will reward 20, then 30, then 50, then 75, then 100, then 150, then 200, then 300 gold, etc. but ONLY if you keep hitting ‘play again’, which should expire 60-120 seconds after ending the last game, to give time for a bathroom break or getting a drink but not so people can just sit in that screen until the next day.

this would greatly incentivize me to keep playing hots instead of exiting out to play my other game, and i think this would appealing to newer players especially. at my current rate, it will take me another year of daily play at my current rate to get the 25 heroes i lack in my roster, that is if i never reroll anything. it just seems like too much. i try to play 5-10 games a day at minimum.

and that is considering that i got ragnaros, zarya, anubarak, stitches, lt morales, and gul’dan for free by opening over 300 loot boxes or be rewarded them randomly for some reason.

just a thought


Don’t re-roll. Ever.


You also should be playing Team League and not any of the other modes. You don’t get enough gold stomping AI. If that is what you are doing, you are wrong.

I started a new account on the Asia server (because I moved to Korea). I regularly churn out enough to buy a hero every week playing pretty much just enough to knock out my quests and complete brawls (i.e. minimum playing for maximum rewards). In just a few months I have most of the roster that I actually play. I had a high-Diamond account on NA prior to moving.

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i get that, but the problem is once i get all the heroes i want, i’ll have HUNDREDS of loot chests. sounds good, but not-rerolling chests is inefficient. after i get all the heroes i want, which is basically all of them, ill have to start from scratch to build up gold to reroll all of them.

well i guess it works out for blizzard, ensures ill be sticking it out for the long run… itll take tens of thousands of gold to reroll everything but as you accumulate more chests, it makes it impossible to ever catch up! because i noticed you have to use alot more rerolls now to get epics/legendaries than you used to.

Lol, okay. When I started playing, gold income was the same, well. Better at the very start, but the gold you got from playing games was not different, and average quests giving you was not.

I played a solid chunk, like 4-5 games a day average, for like 1-2 years.

From Febuary 2015, to 2.0 launch, I bought 8 heroes with money, the rest with gold, and bought 15 Master skins. Playing something around 5 games a day average. gold came less frequently, and without events or chests to open heroes. The last 3 Master skins I bought only due to 2.0 coming, and my gold becoming “worthless” as I could easily farm 10K gold for each hero, but it could no longer buy Master Skins.

Regardless, the fact you feel you don’t earn gold enough to get everything is a feature of a free to play game.

… That’s the point of free to play

WHAT? How are you unable to grind 10K gold for a hero in a month?

If you just play 5 AI games a day, and finish every quest, you’ll get 11.85K in a 30 day period. Without any events.

And 5 QM games, where you win an average of 50% over a month, you get 14.4K gold on average.

If you play ~2.33 games/day (8 days every 3 days, which should always finish all quests) in QM you still get close to 12K gold in 30 days.

Don’t get my wrong, I think there is a problem with gaining gold/gems. But that has to do with the new player experience moreso than the rate at which gold can be grinded
I think the new player experience is very bad with the removal of the 1000 gems they gave you (which replayed the gold you got previously for player level) when 2.0 was new, which was just removed.

The start needs to give you a more solid start, and hero prices should be falling much faster than their have been.

They kinda did just announce there is (supposed) to be a way to convert gold to shards. Which may have issues with regards to it being “inefficent” compared to rerolling… But generally speaking most people probably want Specific things that can be bought with shards.

And that should solve that problem?

Yes. If you play and only do your dailies, it will take 1 month to earn the average amount for 1 hero.

Now that you can trade in gold for shards, it’ll be and even slower process.

I suggested they keep a quest that changes every time you complete it, like how the board game works, cept its part of the loot system alongside the 3 dailies. This way you can play as much as you like completing quests to earn gold and boxes. This will increase the flow of gold and boxes. Balancing is needed for how many quests would give you gold and boxes.

Thing is just playing and doing your dailies will get you enough for one hero. How many heroes do you have that are still locked? 10-20? It’ll take you one to two years to unlock that many…
You can’t depend on boxes to earn them, because you earn them extremely slow.
you will never have a full roster in a reasonable timeframe unless you buy them with real money .

How are you actually accomplishing your daily quests? Are you doing them as you acquire them? Or are you purposely stockpiling them and only doing the higher reward quests on your queue?

If you are doing the first one then that would explain your slower gold accumulation. As it is simply better to try and get up to 3 quests on your quest log and only accomplish the quest that gives the highest amount of gold to free up one slot, while keeping your lower gold quests on queue (usually your 200 gold quests) so as to increase the chance of getting your 600-800 gold quests more often. This is how I farm for gold in less than a month for a hero.

Well it is a matter of priorities plain and simple. Do you want the hero or the skin more?

The only time I would even bother re-rolling are with seasonal events, because they are limited time for acquiring a skin I want (so I re-roll in the hopes of accumulating shards). That said, I emphasize that I don’t even hope to get the skin / mount I want on these chests, if I do great, but try to maximize my shards to buy em off (as you’ll encounter more duplicates in seasonal boxes). But for normal chests I don’t bother re-rolling at all.

just a heads up, the gain is pretty small. A little under 500 gold/month (30 days) for holding one-200 gold quest. And a bit over 1000 gold/month for holding two, 200 gold quests.

(~15.7/day for holding one quest, ~35 gold/day holding two quests).

It’s noticeable, but given it can lock down who you can play the ease of getting those heroes to level 5 might make it less effective (until you have everyone in those universe or universes at level 5, of course).

i actually agree 100%

After buying most heroes with gold (except the few which were given away as part of promotions) and most gold mounts I feel like gold accumulation is too fast. I have 130k and outside of wasting it gambling rerolls there is nothing left to spend it on. At least they are allowing one to convert gold to shards later this week.

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Just to clarify the gold to shard conversion happens with the Spring Event next month not this coming patch.

So you’ll have to wait longer, fortunately February only has 28 days!

ive seen people complaining that they have 100k laying around, how the hell is that possible? how long did it take you to get that? it would take me better part of a year, a year to get 100k gold

Ops. All this is quite confusing lol. I guess it will start in March which kind of makes sense for a Spring event.

Because there is not much to spend gold on.

I have been playing since the late Alpha. I think I may have missed 1 daily quest since then, not sure.

One averages about 300 gold per day from quests (usually it is a little more). A year of quests alone is over 109,500 gold. Then there are the games to get those quests, at about 3 games per day assuming Versus AI 10 gold wins (PvP modes give more per game) that is an extra 10950 gold. Then there is the 500 gold for every 5 hero levels, assuming all heroes level 12 or higher and 100,000 experience per game that would be an extra 9125 gold, but in reality one will get more since heroes below 12 need less experience to level.

This is a base income of 129,575 gold per year, or enough to buy 13 10,000 gold heroes. This does not factor in gold earned from playing more than the minimum per day, gold earned for winning or playing PvP modes or gold earned from special events (eg the toy event which is up to an extra 25 gold per game).

One used to get an extra 1,000 gold per week from doing Brawls for an extra 52,000 gold per year. However with 2.0, approximately a year after Brawls were introduced, they changed that to a chest per week so that source of income no longer exists. For fairness with new players there were many time limited gold mounts that are no longer available, I ended up spending well over 50k on them which would offset this no longer available source of gold.

Yeah a lot of people have been making this mistake honestly, so I expect many more to be disappointed because they misunderstood what they read (presumably from excitement).

At one point i had 110,000 gold. then i started re-rolling every chest, and buying every little mount they made and sell for gold. now I have 5K left, lol

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the really puts things in perspective. wow.

I’m currently sitting on 90-120k gold, with all the Heroes and all the gold-only cosmetics.
I still rarely reroll lootboxes, just those that have 4 common item inside.

It was clearly not a fast process, but in due time and if you play at last 2-3 hours per day you can get it with little efforts (expecially with events like the Toys one that give you some nice bonus).

Of course the gold accumulation is slow. The developer wants you to buy Boost.

Once you bought Boost, you can see the gold raining from the skies.

I used to buy 3 or 4 times Stimpack, which known as Boost now before 2.0, and now I have 170k gold sitting in my account, and that is after I bought all the heroes I wanted and rerolled few times for the lootbox.

I do not buy boosts, have a lot of stuff that can be bought with gold, reroll quite some time and am still closing in at 30k gold … again.

Or you could just open the chests and take what you get, without wasting (thousands of) gold on rerolls that may or may not give you a skin you may or may not have a use for.

Rerolls are the most inefficient use of gold in the game. 1.5k gold for 3 rerolls on a single common chest just isn’t worth it. Even if you get the occasional stim or Hero out of rerolls, the odds of it actually repaying the gold it took to reroll them it are basically zero.

Rerolls can be a fun gold sink if you have no other use for gold anymore (after buying everything), but if you have any other purchase you’re still waiting for you’re better off saving your gold for that.