I think gold accumulation is too slow

Well, I think the gold income is enough.
I got every possible thing you can buy with gold, all the mounts, heroes, announcers…
Not talking about how I literally wasted 50k to reroll my 60+ chests or so I got after 2.0 went live.

But now with the latest changes which are coming, when you can change gold into shards, I doubt they will increase the amount of gold you are getting, on the contrary. I suspect they will cut it.

After recently reaching 110k, I’ve finally started blowing gold on re-rolls myself, chasing those elusive boost packs. I’m down to 85k or so now. There’s just nothing else to spend it on.

I believe I earn about 10-15k per month typically. During this toy event though, the gain has been much more, as I complete a quest almost every match. I think I’ve completed 18 laps around the board.

I miss the days where you could buy master skins. I had 23 before 2.0 came out.

I think if gold accumulation was slower, the game may have been more profitable and we’d all be the better for it.

Honestly it is fine. If you can’t grind 15k for a new hero in about a week, that’s on you. And if you can’t wait a week, pay up!

I have much less, but the concept is the same.

If you own many heroes you like, there is very little incentive to buy new ones, apart from meta shifts (which is often salty).

Rerolling is a very subjective matter. I’m not rerolling at all anymore. I usually like an item or two from the first chest, and the second chest is basically just the next chest anyway (independent probabilities). Forcing myself to get the good items simply devalues the future chests, suggesting even more rerolls.

I also don’t actually end up using new items. On all my frequent heroes, I have my beloved skins, matching mounts. While taking a random hero for a spin, the default “pleb” skin is just fine and authentic.

I think the only problematic audience is new players. They get lots of items for heroes they don’t own. Then again, they have 3000+ items to collect, so I wouldn’t recommend rerolling. Instead, save for heroes.

This game is already even more generous than welfare there is a point where you gotta play the game to earn something…

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It must be daunting for new players today. With so many heroes and gold accumulation as it is.
Sure you have examples here on how much you can earn but this is if you play every day. Many people can barely get a few games per week in their schedule.

Now I would not increase gold gains since it is fine if you only want to buy the new heroes. But if you have 79 heroes to unlock (yes yes you don’t need all but it is about the perception), I would probably never even start to play the game if I installed it today.
Why not give new players like 10 or 20 new heroes for free? We all got those big bundles when 2.0 hit, why that was removed? I don’t think it would hurt the game. It would probably help it. Sure you would have those entitled kids screaming why they get free stuff if I didn’t get them (well we did get them at 2.0) but those people will QQ for anything all the time anyway.

Also don’t re roll. Buy heroes, those are actual meaningful content. You re roll once you don’t know what to do with gold.

You are exaggerating that number and understating that time frame.

Best case scenario:

Assume player has 0 gold.

You will have to win all 417 games at an average 20 minutes per game in Hero League which award 30 gold per win and do you’re 7 dailies which is around 2,500 gold within the week. The minimum is 6 days, 139 hours, or 8,340 minutes. It’s doable but you, have no life.

You will have to win all 250 games at an average 20 minutes per game in Team League which award 50 gold per win and do you’re 7 dailies which is around 2,500 gold within the week. The minimum is 3.5 days, 84 hours, or 5040 minutes. It’s doable but you and the other poor soul, have no life.

Being you, I did not include those ridiculous things human beings do like: eat, sleep, work, shower, or excrete, because that would cut into the grind time. I did not include a Boost, of course.

Other variant scenarios will require further research. For example: People who work, go on vacation, or are paid to do this.

DrSuperGood and I both sum up the average.

Thank you for the exercise, it was fun and creative. I do hope my math holds up.

Nope, the gold gain is certainly fine. As it has been proven time and again in countless other threads.

Cassia should be the last hero you’re saving up for. IMO she feels mundane and unimaginative. Ditto for her skins. Whoever skinned her had a thing for Sarah Jessica Parker. Having played Cassia to 9, if I could do it all over again I’d pocket the gold for an upcoming hero.

But gold is fine so long as you keep knocking out quests.

This is all you really need to read regarding gold accumulation. That Kid event ate into my gold supply because it was so generous with chests and I wasn’t as careful as I usually am with my no re-roll rule.

I do think it’s okay to re-roll Epic Chests, as they are so very rare, but don’t re-roll to the max gold value.

Happens when you purchase all Heroes with real money (gems) or when you don’t spend 15K/10K for newly released Heroes or don’t buy at all, and doing daily quests/playing the game almost everyday with 6-10 games a day.

How I got 113K was simply not immediately buying new Heroes and not buying any Hero at all (my roster has expanded slowly cuz of loot chests) and playing with friends.

I have been playing since beta, never missed a daily quest or event. I bought all heroes I liked and bought master skins (10,000 gold each) for heroes I reached level 10 with. I only spent real money on a starter bundle that had Muradin, Raynor and Malfurion in it (all of whom cost 2,000 gold at that point).

I got a few heroes from other sources, like Valla (from owning Diablo III) and Artanis (from owning StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void), as well as some given away from other sources (Cho’Gall event, one or two others).

When 2.0 launched I chose the package that offered the most heroes I did not own. That left me with enough gold to buy all the heroes I did not own at that point.

I have rerolled loot chests maybe once or twice. I have never used stimpacks apart from the ones I got for free from loot chests or as part of events. I have never bought things that were not heroes with gold (mounts, announcers), after master skins were discontinued in their old form.

Since then, I buy all heroes when their price is lowered to 10,000 gold several weeks after release. I earn more gold than that inbetween releases. I have retired from competitive play and only play AI games to do my quests, so you should be able to earn more than I do playing the competitive modes.

And now I own all heroes and have over 100,000 gold.


I’m not saying don’t open chests. I’m saying don’t re-roll them. So you’ll have the gold to get your heroes faster. There’s nothing inefficient about not re-rolling chests, since doing so means paying gold in exchange for a question mark.

You don’t need to re-roll everything. Once you have your heroes, keep any chests that gives you 40 shards or more. You can simply craft the items you want. You don’t have to open them in chests. Otherwise you use currency to rely on luck to get your stuff.

When I started playing I think completing weekly brawk was giving you 1.5k gold (or 500?), they took that away with the introduction of loot chests :frowning:

It was 1,000 gold, which was pretty nice while it lasted.

pffft, dreaming about 100k… try a million XD

I’ve got 10k games and 4 years in this game. Assuming I got ~80% dailies done, I got 400k from dailies. I almost always had a stimpack active, so I got roughly 600k from the games. I’m lvl2050, so I got ~200k from hero lvling.
That means I’ve earned a total of ~1.2 Million gold (so roughly 300k/year). I keep my gold at around 100k, so that means I’ve spent 1.1 million gold - mostly on new hero purchases, but probably also quite a large chunk on rerolls (I’d say I reroll ~half of my chests once, very rarely twice).
I have 250 chests unopened lying around (I really don’t need anything more)… that could eat my 100k in no time XD

P.S. The 4-year stimpack earned me roughly 350k gold from games and maybe ~100k from additional hero lvls. So without the stimpack I would have gotten only ~800k and would be 300k in debt now (probably much more though, if I borrowed from goblin loan sharks…)
However, as you can see it’s only ~50% gain addition, even playing 2.5k games per year.