I can't click or type in game

Hello everyone. I can use chat or use my mouse in main menu, but I can’t click, or type anything in game. I can move my mouse around and also I can use some commands such as alt+f4, alt+tab etc. I can also mount/unmount via clicking, and I can also choose my first talent. I can’t walk or attack anything tho. I can’t use my skills either. I am trying to solve it in AI games, but no luck so far. I found this solution from an old topic, but it didn’t work for me. I would be happy if anyone knows a solution about this. My drivers are updated, and my keyboard and mouse works fine in other games. Here is the solution i found :

Try deleting the Variables.txt from the Documents\Heroes of the Storm file path. Once done, open the Blizzard Desktop App and click the blue logo at the top left. Click on Settings and from the new window, click on Game Settings . Find Heroes of the Storm , and click on Reset In-Game Options .
Test the game again afterwards.


Hey Dighpo,

Can we try testing the game with nothing else running in the background? To do that, follow the Selective Startup steps.

Hello Zenlaka,
It didn’t effect anything. I still have the same issues

Can we get a DxDiag report? Do you have any overlays such as the Discord, Nvidia Share, or Twitch overlays active?

GreaT Thread GUYS! This saved my A$$ and worked. CHEERS!