I am stuck in leaver purgatory

I have 290 wins in ranked this season, and I am not someone who ever intentionally quits. One time earlier this season I lost internet when I was visiting my in-laws. Today I was in a draft and it kicked me out. Next thing I know I am in leaver status where I have to win 3 games to get out of it. I’m still perplexed as to what happened, because my internet did not go out.

I have lost 5 quick matches in a row and I’m literally thinking about quitting this game. Can Blizzard not think of a better system for quitters, or do they purposely want people to not play their game? In my 25 years of gaming I have never seen such a poorly designed system for punishing leavers.

Do it in ARAM. There’s no matchmaking and the game time is short on average.

Also, your story does not check out. You get one free leave every week or so, and you’ll only get one leaver queue game for a first offense. It takes a history of leaving to earn two, let alone three.

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The game literally just did it again. I selected Malfurion in the draft and then it randomly kicked me out. Now I have to win 4 matches to played ranked again. I’ve had enough of this game and will move onto other mobas. Thanks Blizzard.

Glad you’re still playing the game.

Highly unlikely. Game kicks you when a player doesn’t pick a hero (when they have to) before timer runs out. You may say you did, but you didn’t “lock” it. There are some trolls who deliberately hover over or lock other player’s “selection” to get them kick out.

If you didn’t understand, read again. Lock your pick before someone trolls you.

There is nothing worse than this - especially the part about having to WIN the games. I’ve had times when i’ve had 4 leaver games and needed to play over a dozen games to get them wiped off. They need to remove the part about needing to win, or not make you play so many games (just win 1 and thats all).

Me and my Buddy have the same problem. We are going into a ranked match and the lobby just freezes for one of us and you need to ALT F4. Sometimes we are punished multiple times a day and we had the Wins needed up to 4 already with ~30 games left in penalty. We have never left a Lobby on purpose and this really sucks. We love the game and are delighted to see some Patches rolling in but this is game-breaking unfortunately.