How intense the Bronze League can actually be

So if I think what you just said to me is abusive I can report your post and its okay? Clearly nothing you said to me was inherently abusive… so why is reporting it okay, just because I think its toxic?

Honest conversation risks offending people, even if it isn’t your intention. You risk offending someone, or at least risk someone disagreeing with you if you speak honestly. You’re posting that Bronze league can be intense too, but to people in higher leagues it can seem like its a post to make Bronze players look “not as bad as people think” which undermines the glory of obtaining higher ranks. Some might even feel offended by it because by glorifying low ranks you can make players who put in a lot of time and work to achieve a higher rank seem like their efforts aren’t even worth it because you can get that same intensity in Bronze, when you seriously cannot. If you’re playing at the skill of a Plat, Diamond, Master or GM you should stomp true Bronze players in every respect. I’m not a particularly high ranking player and I can still understand why people would disagree with this take.

Stitches was being honest about his complaints. BW wasn’t where she needed to be and Stitches pointed it out. If you think the way he voiced his complaints was abusive or report worthy, yikes. I don’t feel like he was trying to offend anyone, but trying to get his team to work together. That is different than being okay to upset others as long as you win.

As I said, I don’t like Fan’s personality, but I don’t get the posters here saying he isn’t a good player. He’s a streamer, and if all he did was give dry advice on gameplay, he wouldn’t have much of an audience.

IMO, Fan finds a decent balance of providing entertainment, with some educational content thrown in.


Who’s saying he isn’t a good player? I don’t think anyone is disputing that. The problem here is Xylord is putting him on a pedestal, to the point where he’s said Fan is the ONLY person that is actually good at high level, unable to discern between Fan the former pro, and Fan the entertainer playing in bronze league.

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He’s the best, but his plays are intentionally not good in this linked video. Ppl not saying he’s bad, just that he chose to be here. And the ability to choose such thing indicates quite the opposite of being bad.


Gotcha. Apologies, I was tired and misread.


This is not the first streamer I’ve seen who’s acknowledged that the ladder experience is not that enjoyable when you aren’t playing at the very top of the ranks.

The Storm League ladder experience is less than ideal by many metrics and its not unreasonable to state as such.

The long and short of it is that I think that too many player have an unhealthy emotional investment in their performance on the ladder on both sides of this debate.

Food for thought.


He does. He has multiple times showed his match history on his YT clips where you would see multiple loses and a few wins. He even had 3 of his friends leave a match cause they got stomped by smurfs once.


How long does he tend to stream for?

Its practically his job isnt it so i’m assuming hes streaming for like 6 to 8 hours most days? I could be wrong though never watched his stream just youtube.

So I would of thought even though he seems to go from bronze to gm in a month or so its still quite a few games.

Acknowledging that fans primary focus is to entertain rather than try hard so he could obvioualy do it in less games if he wanted to.

I get the impression that a lot of people who say it’s impossible to climb don’t put enough games in.

There are definately match making issues exasperated by the lower player base.

Speaking from my experience I managed to solo climb on 2 accounts last year from silver to plat.

Took around 400-500 gameish iirc mainly solo queue and there wud be times i’d go up to Gold 1 and drop back down to silver.

I made a new account recently to use mainly melee assassins and I was im bronze 1 last week and i’m around silver 2 after 100 games.

I’ve been playing a bit on NA as well and am straddling the line between Bronze 1 and Silver 5 for some reason lol.

There are plenty of games that feel like a big mismatch on matchmaker so I know what people are talking about but it’s a game in maintenance mode that we are choosing to play.

So I don’t understand what they achieve by coming onto the forums to complain about it.

Its definately not impossible to climb solo queue in ranked from my experience but it is a grind and will be plenty of testing times.

If you group up as a duo I find you actually tend to get quite poor match making.

Queueing up as 3 seems a lot more reliable and makes sense as you know over half of your teams arnt trolls or afkers.

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Queen as usual is focusing on anomalies in the ranking. That of course will happen, but it obviously isn’t the norm because Fan always manages to overcome those hurdles and come out to GM with an absurd win rate.

Yeah, there have been people in the past who finish their placement matches, get upset at their rank and complain how “unfair” it is, give up, then continue to play hundreds if not thousands of QM games for multiple seasons, and constantly complain how bad QM matchmaking, then hide behind the fact they don’t have an official rank, so they can’t be judged.

Those are the people I have little patience for. Ranking up IS a grind, but the better you are, the faster you’ll climb. When I was dropped to low plat, getting out of plat was pretty easy, but as I entered low diamond, it was much more difficult as I couldn’t carry as hard. It took me about 180 games in total to get back to masters.

A lot of games for sure, but a drop in the bucket compared to how many ARAMs and QM games people will play.

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Bronze to platinium is fun, cause there is some ACTION. After, leagues are boring, shows are stale at the best : same issue than in SC II, boring as hell in higher leagues. The tournaments all stop because of this : viewers want ACTION, and STRAT, not pussies waiting for xp globes/mineral gathering. RTS are not (only) about pussies waiting.

One of his essential responsibilities is to keep them hooked even if it means he can get a little spicy in chat, it works they come back next day.

To me, low ranks are actually the action lacking ones. Most players there waste their times running around, doing nothing, or failing at what they tried to accomplish. Sure, fights might be longer, more chaotic, maybe even more frequent. And killing enemy Heroes with low effort can be fun. But killing =/= The Action.
Below Diamond I could chill in my matches, but once I reached Masters, both teams were so on point, that they always did something, and they were ready to punish the smallest of mistakes. It was intense and I personally consider this more action-heavy.

OK, as the game is right now, you are right, but the show is out as much as your opinion, LOL wins, DOTA 2 also, they give real action, HOTS gives meh. Keep on Karabars, defend your lost dreams.

Why do you suddenly talk about LoL and Dota?
And my dreams are fine, thanks for worrying.

Dunno, MOBAs ? What is hard here ?

Your own topic was the ladder, not mobas.

But okay. Let’s assume you’re right: more maps > one map.

I’ll go back to the topic then: I made a reference to those players in SC who were great but still in bronze, whereas the scene fell down… They gave a SHOW when we here at HOTS are just giving a meh competition, or before in SC and SC II we gave low matches to watch. Bronze is somehow funnier than GM for the crowd. That is a fact.

Just like how dumb coreography swordfights are more entertaining than the skilled ones.
Skill is hard notice and understand if one lacks it. So they see more in the less.

Right, but then what, are we playing for ourselves or for the scene to thrive ?

I definitely resonate with some of what you’re saying, which is why I stopped playing ranked, and mainly stick with QM. When everything becomes so technical about ult cooldowns, give up X while we wait for y level, it saps a bit of the fun. People generally die less because they’re more careful and when fights do happen, really coordinated teams can just delete people super quickly which can also be not as fun. And the juking against grandmasters, it can be so embarrassing missing so many of your skill shots when you normally land them easily.

I still appreciate it for what it is though.