Hots launcher/installer broken - please help!

the error report said to use this code

it says “files in your heroes of the storm installation are damaged.”

I’ve tried uninstalling the game and the launcher and redownloading them 3 times. I tried the scan and repair. restarting device.

my buddy has the same problem.

i can run the game on my old windows 10 pc, my dinky weak windows 11 laptop, but not my beefy windows 11 laptop. it says broken installation : \

please help! 5 buddies trying to play the game again! : )

thanks in advance
love HotS!

Howdy Mataras,

The most common cause for this error is due to OneDrive synching the HotS folder in the Documents. I suggest trying the steps here to configure OneDrive. If you don’t have OneDrive, you will need to reinstall it in order to complete this step.

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wild that a couple days of clicking around failed, then right after i post this i found something that works…

so, I went to the options right of the play button in hots> game settings> reset in game options.

after that the game launched for me. I haven’t seen my bud try it yet but this is a hot hots fix.

hope y’all can resolve the core issue
thanks so much!
I really appreciate the maintenance to keep this world running!!

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