Hotkeys Not Saving on Mac

Hi there,

My game cannot seem to save my hotkeys and the intro video plays every time I open the app. I’ve seen solutions to this for Windows computers via the Admin fix, but I have not been able to find anything for IOS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Same Issue I play on a top end macbook pro from late 2018 and recently had issues where every-time i log into the client all settings are default and I cannot save/update any settings such as video/audio, heroes settings, quick cast, etc. There was a version mismatch even though my client had the correct newest patch. I’ve deleted the hots folder 100% and even the bnet client and re-installed 3 times. Nothing has helped. I have also made sure i am an admin with full permissions on my hots folder within the Mac OS to make sure that my software/settings is not blocking hots from saving anything. Please help I’ve been playing hots as my only/main game for 6 years and this newest patch has messed up my client/computer/gameplay.


I’ve got the same problem. Can’t save any hotkeys or preferences in options, intro video plays every time.

I have the same problem. Not able to save hotkeys or favourite talents. Gives a msg in client: “Unable to save talent build settings”

Have tried reinstalling also, as well as checking folder permissions.
Any help would be welcome.