Heroes of the Storm Update - Feb 08, 2019


Awesome news, but I think they should have come months ago… :frowning:


Is the Lunar event getting lumped together with the Spring event each year? So, one less event?


As i said before in WoW forums, when J Allen Brack announced himself as new Blizzard president.

Deeds not words. For now i see only lots of words.

But i admit… That Blaze skin gives me Metal Slug vibes.




There is no point in having 3 currencies if you are going to let one be converted directly into the other. Just scrap shards and make everything cost gold and convert all existing shards players have into gold. There is ZERO point in having both.


First of all, glad to hear news from the team and right now all I am reading gives me hope for the future.

Interesting indeed… peculiar choice of words considering who the leak had as next release.


Finally some good news for this game.


Guys just a tip which could help everyone - the team, blizzard results and players. Provide community templates what to deliver to create a new skin - so anyone interested with creativity, skill and willingness could send you a nearly ready skin proposal giving away also the right to skin to blizz. You as blizz could add this skin to collection and earn “gems” and as exchange maybe you could include authors name in skins name.

  • players and fans could become more involved
  • players could have a fan with more content
  • blizzard could get more money from hots
  • blizz team could get some nice free arts/half-ready skins to implement them

everyone happy :slight_smile:


AMA other than Tass, Chen & TLV reworks.


Can you make the seasons longer? All the exp. changes made the game actually competitive, and the game is much better, so having longer seasons will be nice. It feels too short for a competitive game.

And also, finally on buying skins with gems again.


Can we make Kaeo the officially game director now? Great post Kaeo. Love the game. The future changes sound great. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys flex your creative muscles for the upcoming spring event.


I mean they have nothing else to do tbh.


Very nice to see the ball is still rolling foward! Allowing convert gold to shards and gem-pricing the entire collection is an A+ move.


It’s great to see some positive change and more options for players coming to HotS.

I’ll be keeping an eye on changes down the line, but there’s a few things I want to see more than anything:

  • Call of the Nexus or a middle-ground alternative
  • No more duplicates from loot boxes
  • Remove map rotation from quick match. All the maps, all the time!

Please keep at it. HotS has been my one and only MOBA for the past couple years, and I’d hate to see it go.


converting gold to shards will only work if its not a 1:1 ratio. Because if someone has 50,000 gold then converting that will give them 50,000 shards so they will be getting skins for free.


Finally some good news after 2 months of just being crapped on.


Can you make ARAM a permanent game mode? It will be far better to play it on this game than LoL since ARAM matches here will be shorter than on League.


Blizzard. This is coming from someone that has every character unlocked. If you really want to reduce the barrier to entry for new players, just make all heroes free all the time. If you still want to cash in on new heroes, give them two weeks where they are locked unless you buy the “gem only” skin pack with them. I don’t personally agree with that, but you do whatever you need to monetize the game. It would be just another change in the wake of everything collapsing that would allow you to get and retain more new players. Joining up a game where you have thousands of hours of work just to be on the same level playing field as someone who has been playing for years is a daunting task and I’m sure many of them just see that mountain and walk away.


AKA like it used to before Overwatch made the dumb higher ups that lootboxes are the only thing in the world.


This is awesome! Thanks Kaéo :smiley: