Heroes of the Storm Update - Feb 08, 2019

It sounds like gem-only skins are no longer gem-only… That’ll teach those customers to buy bundles for exclusivity.

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This is all music to my ears. Thanks for the update! Sounds like all that I could ask to have changed is being worked on - glad to see light and not all doom.

The only major concern for me not addressed is the reporting system and dealing with smurfing - Smurf accounts are discouraging new players from playing because they get stomped and the placement system is useless and causing a state of very poor competition.

I also think game education is a other major piece that would be helpful for encouraging and bringing in new players and connecting them together. There is no better game I have ever played than HotS when HotS is at its best - but it has been a very long time since I felt that way.

These updates keep me hopeful for the future of this game as there is a budding competitive scene here waiting to be unlocked!!


It sounds like the dev team has finally the freedom to make their own decisions and they are happy


Thanks for the update guys. Lookin forward to the upcoming AMA


Ok, you got me. Let me fix that.

I hope it’s more understandable.
How it sounds:


Thank you!! So excited for the Spring Event :smiley:


The changes to the shop and game economy are definitely welcome, but I’m frustrated that the update failed to mention any changes in availability or accessibility. I’ve been trying to get friends into HOTS for years and, while they often enjoy the game itself, the long road to being able to play the characters that they idolize or enjoy whenever they want turns them off to the experience. I hope that the HOTS team takes strides to make the game easier to get into in the future.

dam, lunar event skins were my fav skins in the game, sad to see the event go

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Will you consider making unlocks cross-region please, a la Overwatch? I play HotS in both EU and NA depending on friend group, and it sucks not having the same hero access and cosmetic unlocks.


Li-Ming announcer. (But please: NO rework!)


Its actualy also a way that might boost purchases since they get less gold to buy heroes with. And i think thats actualy far worse than having 100k gold which you cant spend. Most of the people dont have 100k and are already happy with 30k.

But if it brings money to this game, i guess its a good thing. After all, even if this game doesnt make a lot of money, as long as its still making profit, its very likely going to recieve updates.

Now we only need the angry zealot sound with it. And if that doesnt work you just block their comments with a force wall of text which purely states “I am angry” 200x


Fixed. Check it.

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dam, lunar event skins were my fav skins in the game, sad to see the event go

Also this. While I’m not completely hostile toward change, it was the seasonal events in years past which most endeared me to Heroes, with Lunar New Year being the best among them by far. So gorgeous.

Positive feedback: I think you hit it out of the park with Nexomania. That was a blindside bus smack of fantastic creativity and fun.


Thanks for the update Kaeo, these changes are great! I can’t wait to start spending my gems on those skins I’ve been wanting!!

Looking forward to what the future holds for Quickmatch and Ranked play. :grin:


If they were listening, they’d have fixed the limited map pool in VS AI. It’s been over a year.


Thank you for sticking with the game and rebuilding the team! It’s not a given that you all would do this. Thank you for trying your best. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I look forward to hearing about the “evolution” to quick match and ranked. Blink pick quickmatch to improve the health and education of the meta and player base, TL as the only ranked mode but with better smurf/exploit protection, and a 24/7 ARAM mode are some of the ideas that people on the forums have been arriving at!


Keep up the good work, and looking forward for next event :+1:

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Light of day huh?

I see what you did there, Anduin hint but plot twist! DEATHWING spoiler! :smiley:


When we can expect these changes? I mean… all of them, not only converting gold to shards.

Awesome update!! Love the purchase change. Can’t wait for the upcoming events and heroes!!