Heroes of the Storm Patch Schedule Update for EU Region

Update: EU patch release is pushed back to 7pm, PST. Sorry for the delayed update.


Due to an unexpected issue found, we’re delaying the Heroes of the Storm live patch release in EU region to 5pm, tomorrow, December 4, PST.
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. We’ll get it ready as soon as we can!


5pm PST is 2am CET right?

It is currently 04th of December 2019 2am CET. But there is no patch.

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2 am tomorrow. It’s delayed by a whole day for us.
It’s only Dec the 3rd in PST yet.

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I really appreciate the upfront Note on the delay.
As most of EU Server players watch out for CEST time or similar, it would really be helpful to announce it with that time.
That would only make one calculation from pst to cest.


I really hope it is 5pm CET, since this message only concerns EU players :sob:

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i’m waiting still no deathwing

@Blackpoker, 5 pm PST December 4=4 am Moscow time December 5+maintenance 5 am-8 am December 5. So, in my country Deathwing will appear only tomorrow after 8 am. You shall not wait for update today, if your timezone is ±2 hours from Greenwich.

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5pm December 4, PST equals 4AM December 5, GMT
Because americans have to use their own time even while addressing europeans. So typical.


It’s understandable when it’s about universal patches that are coming to ALL servers at the same time. However, they ALWAYS patch new Heroes to US first, then the EU a day after (or worse). What’s even better: They decide to patch the game at like 4 am CET or some other REALLY inconvenient time. Seriously Blizz, stop it.

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this patch makes me want to back in time . Enjoy the respite EU bad things are coming

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Seriously? You are able to release a patch on US but on Eu it doesn’t work???
How is that possible?
And you don’t even manage to tell us Europeans that on EU forums? We have to come to US forum to see that?
You really wanna see HotS die, don’t you?


Is the reason this wasn’t posted on the EU forum that the forum staff doesn’t know it exists?


No, because EU is a dead wasteland, the majority of EU players post here, that forum has no purpose literally speaking.

Why isn’t Blizzard confirming this time zone confusion…So easy to just respond…


Because it is midnight in America? Might have something to do with it :eyes:

I mean no offense with what I’m about to say and knowing perfectly that the majority of you aren’t yet in high school, but I’d just like to point out that there could be no confusion with time zones and they are not just serving the convenience of Americans (or US citizens if you will).

This is just because the dev team of (not only) Blizzard (but most game companies) are mostly located in the US. Yes some companies (those that target audiences with lower IQ) provide release date and time in CET, but that mostly happens for actual game releases and not patches.

Another reason for this might simply be, because developers probably already have their hands full fixing stuff that gamers report and are actual bugs to sit around and re-calculate the release time in your time zone so that you would not need to think (or use Google).

Time zones are actually used world wide and they are explained in a school subject by the name of Geography (I dunno if you heard of that) and if you’d payed attention while your Geo teacher was blabering some stuff on that quite big subject that you probably have at least 2-3 classes per week you might actually understand how to calculate those time zone differences, but assuming you were too busy at the time I will give you a cheat code for that IRL thing which I found with a simple Google search with the short query “pst to cet”.

savvytime . com / converter / pst-to-cet

PS: Not to mention that Windows 10 actually provides the option to add multiple clocks in diffrent time zones for people from that fresh modern generation.
As a plus all smartphones have that ability too…

Honestly if you people are complaining that the time is stated with a time zone that you don’t know… Wow… what happens when you encounter a bug in game … I’m just glad that I do not know and am blessed to be blissful about the reports you guys submit!

Dinosaur born in 1984 Over!

Please take no offense in this post instead just pay attention in high school or dig around the options of your most used devices. Both would benefit you way more than just playing offended!

At the end I’d like to thank OP for that notification and say that if they have the time they could start posting such notes just like the maintenance schedule - that would be the only more convenient way to get that information, but all the same thanks very much!

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It’s been several decades since I finished the grades that are equivalent to High School.

My points are: a) They should have posted this in the forum for the region affected and b) they should have used a time zone apropriate to the region.

Being able to convert time zones is not the issue, Blizzard being poor at communication is.


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@Fikicha, you are really into time zones, aren’t you?
And I don’t know why you are so strongly defending this one.

If you, as a company, post something about exclusive EU-related times aimed at EU-audience, you simply post it in EU forums too. And adding the correct timezone (CET) behind the written time, leaves no questions.

Cool they wrote a memo in advance for the delay, but differentiate your text to the audience you write to.