DW release date

Hi All, as in the topic when is he “Deathwing” set to release to play in EU?

Next Tuesday - NA.
Next Wednesday - EU.


Next Wednesday - Europe

Next Tuesday - Americas

Na is the ptr for EU

EU is US - US is EU!

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I edited it, better now? :angry:

i still see many mistakes! :smirk:

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:face_with_monocle: Yes… I see them too


Why is it that EU gets stuff 1 days after. Its like wow, US get to play new wow content 1 day before EU.

lies. its Thursday already and no DW



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Well, we in South Africa we only got him on Thursday, looks like we even one day behind the rest of EU.

Its not only you, its everyone, the patch for EU has been delayed.

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oh, thanks for clearing that up mate!

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