Heroes of the Storm Patch Schedule Update for EU Region

Any 1 tell me the exactly time for EU please? is it midnight or evening today?

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Would you like it if you had to catch a train tomorrow morning but they gave you the time in PST?
Wouldn’t you be annoyed that a train in your country is using a completely different time zone?

Clearly not since you really like converting time.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

It’s always been like this for the Asia server, getting major hero patches on Thursday.

sips water

ROFL, poor Asians.

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Well, I’m officially tired of the split server system. I mean come one you guys had several uneventful months to prepare for this patch. (I don’t mean uneventful for Blizz, to the contrary, there have been quite a few memorable events these past couple of years).
Kindly assemble all three members still working in the HotS dev team and align patch release dates accross all servers. I’m sorry if I sound snippy but such a patch release should have been a bit more carefully planned. Wouldn’t you agree?

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One would assume that if it says coming live on 3rd of December it would actually be 3rd of December, not 5th.


My thoughts Exactly. American Streamers playing Deathwing on Tuesday 3rd, yet I’m still seeing the Scarlett heist and an un clickable Deathwing pop up lol

so was there a typo its for dec 4 and no deathwing (EU server)


Most likely you are from US right? That will explain the fascinatingly stupid statement you just provided. Why? Because you are coming from Murika you should know that the customer can require. Those guys ( devs, supports, designers etc.) are getting paid so they can earn money for the company. Company earnings depends on customers satisfaction. Customer satisfaction depends on various things but devs, supports, designers etc. attitude is included. Yes its not that hard to google the time but you realize this goes both ways right? Most likely you study and different currency. What about everyone start using Chinese Yuans or Indian Rupee because you know…its not so damn hard to google it. Someday you will grow up and pass university and most likely you will understand.

They are just genius using PST, so 3-5 PM PST is 00.00 to 2.00 in the morning GMT +1/CET of the next day for us, because for some reason we must wait till the timezone catches to us to get it, instead of syncing everything up like so many other games do, and then they delayed it for a day, so tomorrow 5th at 2.00 in the morning GMT +1/CET. Typical, they could simply state the dates for all 3 regions, instead of confusing us for no apparent reason.

It feels like Blizzard player base consists of people who loves complaining more than the products itself. You can see pages and pages of people complaining about an issue which does not negatively affect their gameplay. Calm your boobies Karen.

Good joke, keep up runing it still in 2020.

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To make it worse, smaller European streamers like myself get completely shafted by this since the release hype will already be several days old by the time we actually get to show the new content. Noone is going to browse through new steamers for deathwing when theyve already had days to do so.

You do realize PTR is a thing ? Everyone has already beat you to it if you wanted to be amongst the first to stream it, hell people streamed and recorded it back at Blizzcon, you are way too late for that. You will have a chance with the next hero release, those released at Blizzcon or how Deathwing was a week before that, you don’t stand a chance without getting there yourself.

Among the first? Sure. And yes ive played on ptr, but thats with zero matchmaking. True release brings a lot more interest.