Heroes of the Storm Crashing

Here is the ldb output for
Patch version: 4.9.0

(lldb) run
Process 4461 launched: ‘/Applications/StarCraft II/Versions/Base74071/SC2.app/Contents/MacOS/SC2’ (x86_64)
libc++abi.dylib: __cxa_guard_acquire detected deadlock
Process 4461 stopped

  • thread #1, queue = ‘_LSContextInitClient queue’, stop reason = signal SIGABRT
    frame #0: 0x00007fff7571f2c6 libsystem_kernel.dylib__pthread_kill + 10 libsystem_kernel.dylib__pthread_kill:
    -> 0x7fff7571f2c6 <+10>: jae 0x7fff7571f2d0 ; <+20>
    0x7fff7571f2c8 <+12>: movq %rax, %rdi
    0x7fff7571f2cb <+15>: jmp 0x7fff75719457 ; cerror_nocancel
    0x7fff7571f2d0 <+20>: retq
    Target 0: (SC2) stopped.

Hey, elulcaoz! I moved you over to a new thread, since it appeared to be a separate issue being reported.

Checking the current case that’s opened, the system doesn’t appear to have a name on there. Did the computer rename help at all?

System Preferences > Sharing > Computer Name

Does the message say Heroes of the Storm quit unexpectedly? You should be able to click on Report to gather the OS Crash report logs. If the crashing is generates game crash logs, can you gather full logs for Heroes?

I am unfamiliar with how the Mac deployment of Heroes of the Storm is structured, but surely it should contain “Heroes of the Storm” or “HotS” in the file path and not StarCraft II or SC2?

Please confirm it is Heroes of the Storm crashing and not StarCraft II. Although they share the same engine, they are very different games, especially due to considerable engine divergence over time.