Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - October 7, 2020

No more Leoric in Brawls? Well this sucks… I hope you would reconsider and return him soon, he’s actually quite good in this mode in comparison to some other heroes like Illidan or Valeera for example.

Oh. I mean 2 of his Q talents got nerfed. But yeah.

Oh. How exactly?


I love Anduin buffs.

I dislike Tassadar’s Plasma Shield nerf. It’s not something you should nerf/touch, 15% were fine at least.


Nice to see buffs to Kerri and Alex as i play them the most.
D.Va nerfs was expected
DW changes was nice enouth since many still stay in melee stance.
Jaina’s Arcane intellect buff is a nice idea.
Nerf to Leden Orb was expected as it could stun lock people for long time.
Anub buffs to spell power reduction talent was nice. Now i can applie 50% reduced spell power on a hero for 16 sec with rewind :smiley:

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He never told me

You should go ask LyrasVulture

Psionic Pulse is a little on the slow side (imo) and could benefit from having the second ring hit at 2 seconds;

It took almost two years (nov of '18), but I’m totally taking all the credit on requesting psionic pulse hit a little sooner ^.^

Soon all shall bow to the whim of my fancy…

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I think Gazlowe was overbuffed.
Did not see the Tracer and Yrel nerfs coming.

And I guess they got tired of Dash being the only pick for Tychus at Lvl 1.


Your “AAAAAAAAAA” reminds me of this voiceline:


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No Artanis trait buffs.


Oh ok.

Haha. Pretty accurate :joy:

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They fix dva and then break gazlowe… this is fine


He does not need them:



Dva will maybe go down to 52% winrate.

On the other hand, Gazlow may rise to 55%. :thinking: 100 HP base buff plus damage on everything is quite a good buff.

Happy to hear Samuro got some slight nerfs


Narha will now find it harder to do his Bronze 5 to Master challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

I find that Kerrigan & Yrel have balance buffs here. but I couldn’t find this because no buffs for both Valeera & Junkrat in this balance patch notes.

I had to laugh at the Leo and tlv in ARAM problem xD
I didn’t mind tlv in aram but I am glad I won’t be seeing Leo anymore, for a while at least

no Support heroes buffs in this balance patch largely because Medivh has remained unchanged from last year changes. TLV along with Abathur & Zarya have recent changes for months.


Maybe I am just bad at the game.

Perhaps Deckard buffs?

Ah the good old days back when Leoric was new and people went afk while keeping him next to the enemy core in Quick Match

Why does no one talk about the improvements this game has made?

Are people really that forgetful?

Artanis is just really hard to be good with

He may look like your typical hero that goes all in and fights but the reality is that you have to compensate with good timing on picking fights due to his lack of escape abilities

And talents are HIGHLY situational always

Artanis is one of those heroes that has to take in ally and enemy hero compositions into account along with map every single game when picking talents to be effective

He relies more on that than any other hero I know