Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - June 15, 2021

Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - June 15, 2021

Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with Hero balance changes! Read on for details.

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cool patch notes, thank you for the balance changes :D. Also any news on getting a new hero this year? Need more trolls (vol’jin) and lor’themar :smiley:


I’m only sad they didn’t add all skins in this patch, but the balance changes look interesting. Didn’t expect to see Brightwing

what skins :o? the only skins i know thats been in the works is a recolor for rag.

The summer skins for Diablo, Lunara, Sonya and Garrosh are all missing. I think Kerrigan’s lunar skin is also missing. There might be more that are missing right now, I’m not sure which ones though


Expected nerf to Valla. Small nerf to Stitches. Small nerf to BW ofc as i did not know they would already do that again imao. Been talking about BW nerfs with Minky whole day.
But nice they then buffed her trait healing and her lvl 20 talents.

Blaze was in for a buff.
Muradin now complete hammer quest at lvl 10. So if this continues more heroes might get quest talents completed at X lvl. And he now gets 10 stacks of hammer when target dies within 3 sec lol.


Stitches still has weird anti synergy all throughout his kit. They really need to take a look at feedback for him. They adjusted iron skin and hold your ground again. I wish they would take a look at the bringing down the CD for it baseline and just leave hold your ground as a bigger shield talent. The Muradin baseline changes look good but the whole shift in Blaze talents has me worried. I like how his talent tree progressed. These changes throw all that out the window but maybe it will get more people to play him as a tank?


blaze was a poor tank to play and his talents had little synergy, i’m hoping today that will change.

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LOL BW Intensive Winds now got no mana cost and only has 5 sec cd at lvl 20 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ve always had good success playing him as tank. In fact, he’s one of my better tank heroes in terms of win rate. His synergy is fine but I’ll admit he could use a little more. The problem is people love playing him as bruiser and if he got more synergy in his kit that’s how people would want to play him.

I play him like a bruiser :frowning: but a lot of people dont even know that if blaze stands in his flames he heals quite a bit. I just feel like i’m slow and i oom a lot compared to others.

Mustpicks getting baseline is fun.

Seeing the Stukov nerf (on Physical Armor, Root and the D cdr on single W activation) are welcomed.

Imp’s BattleHunger deserved its buff.

Nice changes. Glad it didn’t take too long for some bug fixes.

Also Gambit is a better name!


I am happy about the reworked heroes getting a balance patch.
Though I have noticed that Blizzard liked the idea “Get a talent at a certain level anyways” because now Muradin gets one.
Orphea now requires more skill to play in Q, but it gives more damage and can now be concurrent to W build.

What I saw.

  • Prof. Garrosh’s crash course of growing a pair 101 starts earlier than usual this semester
  • Imperius’ W talents still not relevant
  • Falstad zappy build is apparently fine
  • Genji, Nova and Probius walked into a bar and missed the patch

Will we still see the Valla train or which hero they will target next?

Genji still needs healing.
Nova is somewhere flying on her ship. Maybe she is right behind your back.
Probius must construct additional pylons.


Only time will tell. But i fear Valla still need at least one or two nerf patches more to make her balanced again. Mostly Strife ult and Q build is still overtuned.

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Probably still Valla. Her AA build is no joke and it was left untouched. Johanna and Muradin seem stronger so they could be at the top of the “Nerf This!” list. Imperius got some buffs so I could see the rage going back to him too.

Genji and Probe are probably upcoming reworks so it makes sense they wouldn’t get many changes in the meantime. Nova is fine in my opinion. Buffing her could easily make her too strong at every level of play so really taking time with any changes for her makes sense.


To be more specific, Devs (i hope so) are also the ones who check winrates and stuff. So we will get a fix or more soon.

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