Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - June 15, 2021

I’m definitely banning BW every game.

And then you are back in the Lucio meta. :crazy_face:

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I am satisifed by patch as Blaze/Anduin. And Valla is nerfed. Good.

She doesn’t exist outside of QM because she is noob stomper and she is too useless to pick her instead most heroes in draft mods.

She is also playable only in Hanamura because this map requiers the least wave clear from her and because it’s 2 lane map. On Braxis or BoE you need either huge waveclear or immortal damage and Nova has none. Same with other 3 lane maps, where you need waveclear all time.


It’s not like you can’t draft heroes with wave clear like Johanna, Sonya, D.Va to support Nova’s weakness, but she helps you with great ganks or camp stealing, at least Braxis.

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I play her as a gank specialist. She’s good in that role especially with bribe from kills. You need a team to draft decent wave clear and as you point out that can be a huge problem with random teammates. She has bad maps but many heroes have those too.

Pretty much this. Nova is a good hero with a glaring weak point. If your team can mitigate that she can thrive. She can also snowball games early with bribe if your team or off lane hero play for early picks.

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Nice! It didn’t take all year to get some updates! :wink:
I got to check out those sweet BW changes!
Dang they even touched up on Andy man! I love it!

No, they shouldn’t rework him, only buff. Nova and Genji need talent reworks, but totally not Probius.

Nice patch! However, i have some problems with it:

I think Inner Focus will be as must-pick as before, sadly.

Why did you decided to nerf Fetid Touch so much?
There is no more a reason to pick it, because it nerfs your AA too much.

Thanks for Garrosh changes!
However, Body Check is still useless.

I hope we will get a patchnote which will contain fixes for the wrong descriptions (especially for RU localization) next tho, because there are a lot of mistakes and typos.

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Anduin buffs and bugfixes, THANK YOU

Too bad his level 16 now only has 1 talent.

Glad they read feedback after all, and they deleted Execute Orders from ARAM.

No more Raynor spam.

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Guess the busted hero titel now goes to Muradin now. Mura with 150 hammer stacks. Thx you Blizzard. Not like Mura needed a giant dmg buff since he could already 100-0 squicys with Heymaker build.

He needed it tho, because Q was nerfed too much

Being a Blaze enthusiast, having baseline Crossfire only makes him that much more fun to play. I think that the changes to level 7 tier made him much more useful in the early game where as the adjustments to tier 13 fix the problems where he suffered most, the lack of burst damage.

Not sure how I feel about Stukov losing spine launcher on auto attacks, because in many games this added to a very significant amount over time. Maybe I’m missing something in the patch notes.

Vallas W; the quest completion isn’t for each completed increment but seems to be one time reward. At first glance it appears to be a slight overkill and the nerf feels too heavy handed while other specializations suffered far less.

spine launcher was rolled into fetid touch

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That’s nice, but now his spine shoot animation looks broken. It is using the default melee swing with the projectile firing from the the center of his mass, rather than using his whole infested arm as a delivery device (read: like a gun).

I’m still torn between the Brightwing changes. Obviously they don’t want an ancestral-heal equivalent effect tied to his (her??) teleport but are compensating in many other areas. They should have just included a minor heal to all of 13 talents - her E in general (since Stitches and Muradin are also buffed baseline). Safety Dust is now there only for stat padding where the other two talents are the actual fun ones.

What’s not to love? You can now AA cancel from a distance with that exuberating sound.



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Reads the changes to Blaze.

Goes into an extended happy dance.

Putting his damage mitigation tools at level 7 is a massive buff to his tank/off-tank ability.


We were, about her trait specifically. I can’t wait to use her buffed level 20, I wonder how long they will leave the ult so that it requires no extra mana costs? Pleased to see Valla get a tap on the head. An unexpected little gift of a patch, pretty nice stuff.

*Edit: I forgot to mention Froggy how I’m really enjoying the speed buff to the Pixie Boost talent. So fun to put on your friends who like to chase and dive, and use it on low health heroes to escape. Fun!

I thought of you as soon as I saw the Blaze changes.

Here is a take I made about 2 hours before this patch dropped, it hasn’t aged well.

I’m such a “Blizz Drone, Blizz Defender, Blizz White Knight” someone must have hacked my account!

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