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Nova was my first hero leveled to 50. And even when they nerfed her to the ground I still find her pretty strong. And I can understand other players hating Nova because she’s popular troll pick (maybe main reason is ranged stealth, no balls to pick melee stealth like zera or valeera).

When I joined a long time ago as a newb, she had her reign and terrorised my games.
I thought she was op and unfair. Maybe even… Unfun O.O >.>
But my friends said to me that it’s just my lack of skill. I listened and… it was! I got better and Nova became less and less of a problem for me (tho she still got nerfed latter).
But my dislike for Nova remained for a long time (now she’s just not my cup of tea and leaving her as my lowest is an innerjoke for myself).
And it didn’t help her case with me that the worst players were always Nova+Aba mains, because they were the safest Heroes making ppl believe they did something just because they had a high kda.

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Ah okay! Your getting her to 15 as well?
Lvl 17 aba I see.
I used to hate him too because either they died a lot or just sit in the altar. Now I love him and pick him often if we have a good tank.

Maybe? Probably not.
Morales, Hammer and Nova can stay below lvl 15. I can live with missing out that one achievement portrait :smiley:

“Aba is the cutest video game character!” He’s a good charater to learn a lot of Heroes while having the comfort of playing only one you already know.

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One guy once told me " everytime there is a new hero I play Aba and clone that hero so I wont have to suffer from the long queue"
I have played W build moralis for a bit in ranked but I have no fun with her

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Your golden challenge won’t be finished then, if you leave some heroes under 15 lvl.


I’m actually not doing the golden-challenge.
I’m just farming gold and portraits :smiley:

Absolute monster.

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Aaand, done! Kerri lvl 15!


Nice winrate!

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I lost my 100% winrate butcher on this account… :disappointed_relieved:

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Auwtsj! Meat got spoiled

@Karabars, I dont want to spam in the other thread when im not in the club

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I just read hot message broad and came here…please help.

Sure here you go!

Today I met 2 people, who knows me, but I didn’t know them. One guy was from QM as Valla (he is from reddit), second - in SL (don’t know where did he learn about me).


And I am almost master. Need 2-3 games for that.

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Your dia 1 already? thought you were dia 4

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I found something interesting.

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Im jaleous, do I need to flame too?

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Maybe. I used him as main tank. ETC must be banned for sure. Alarak too.
The reason I won so many times, because I was on party and and had playable randoms half of times. If you have really retarded people, you won’t win. Had a game, where we needed solo laner, and dude picked Johanna, what was useless for entire match.

Party was Hellobg as Sylvana, me as Blaze and LGCED as WM/Anduin.

I had a Kaelthas that went convection and Pyroblast against Dive and has been using it only on Genji, such a heart warming moment to remember makes me want to cry tears of joy.

Also wrong thread? No, its a moment afterall.