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Uther tech confirmed!!!oneon!!!11!!
Edit: Another janky KTZ chain
Edit 2?: Notice how uther deals 50% of KTZ’s health

Denying 4 man mosh Pog

tss, got 3 mvp from two games as alarak


Alex waveclear and we wanted a bit of long range poke (her e)
Li li because onetrick
Kharaz dmg
Uther overal good
Auriel I thought we had reghar. I found out during the match xD stuns were nice tho

I only been solo ana when my team did camps or dont soak. Trait seems good but you need to let go of your dosis to get stacks. Think very powerful late game hero but late game everyone is grouped so its pointless anyway

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Dear forum. Today I played 2 games, being drunk, is SL with my friend Habringer. And I won. It was fun. Can’t wait to do it again.

With love, me.


I again forgot to link the hots replay thread

Anyways I won 7 in a row ! With a drunk split pushing zerathul


Lucky. From 6 games today I won 3 only(

Do I have to do everything around here?

Here you go darling


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Thank you! When my pc is open I have too many distractions

Edit the topic already

You know how I can check if I have TL 2 or 3?
I see some more options here but not sure if it was an update

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I don’t know, can I show this here?:

Soon I’ll have another Hero in my “lvl15+ collection” :smiley:


For those who want a surrender button, for those who think that a “bad” comp is doomed to lose, and for those who underestimate the power of being an absolute pain in the heiney in ARAM, I give you this…

I decided to play ARAM tonight with a bunch of friends, and since we play to have fun, not always to try hard, we zone into the match and see these lineups:

As you can tell, this could be challenging, as the concept of “macro” in an ARAM is quite a bit different, and teamfighting is generally what wins. Halfway through the match, things were looking grim:

But, rather than just letting them end it all, we persevered, took advantage of the strengths of our heroes, and held them off until level 20. As people on the forum know, it isn’t about kills, it is about whose core dies in the end:


Oeh nice almost completed! Suprised to see a guy who didnt pick up nova

He hates to play her.

Same her. The moment I got out of silver I was like… nope nope nope even the month she was OP after the stealth rework I avoided her

“anger in Nova” >:(

Well okay I played her a few in qm to see if she does siege. I ended up being the split pusher because after 3 min everyone was still mid fighting and slowly moved to the bot lane

You are able to make Nova top siege dmg/exp if you need.

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I use precisionstrike on large waves like azmo uses his Q

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