Hero Concept : Bwonsamdi

I love Trolls in the Warcraft universe, so I’ve been thinking about the possible incoming Trolls. I, personally, expect Shadow Hunter (Vol’jin) to as second Troll hero but I think Bwonsamdi would be a great addition as well. Anyway here’s my Bwonsamdi hero concept!

Bwonsamdi’s Pact(D): Cooldown : 70 Second

  • Made a bargain with one of your teammates, you are da loa of death after all. Only one bargain can be active at one time.
    Bwonsamdi’s Pact(Passive): You can’t mount, instead you can use your “Z” to teleport to your subject. When you are close with your pact, you and your pact hero gain 15 armor. When close, your pact’s minion kills restore 5 health and 3 mana to you. (Scales)
    Shoo! Remove Ya.(Q):
    -Pesky mortals can’t interfere, throw a shadow ball starting from your pact’s body, to a pointed direction, dealing damage and pushing the target.
    Aura of Death(W): Periodically deal damage to enemies all around you and leaves a damage over time effect.
    Fetish Mask(E): Replace yourself with a symbolic mask for 3 seconds, become untargetable from basic attacks and spells, only area of effect spells affect the mask. While in mask form you can pass through heroes and minions, passing through your friendly heroes grants them movement speed and attack speed, passing through enemies slow them.
    Crossin’ with da Loa of Death(R1): Targeting an enemy hero in melee range, marking them for 4 seconds, if enemy dies in that time frame, their revive time increases for 10 seconds.
    Inevitable End(R2): Bwonsamdi channels for 0.5 seconds then pulls enemy heroes in the range to himself. The closest hero takes damage others slowed %30 for 2 seconds.

I also have some talent ideas :
Soul Collection(lv 1 talent): Enemy minions dying near Bwonsamdi and his pact grant him 0.1 basic attack damage(total 0.2 basic attack if Bwonsamdi and pacted hero is together). Heroes count as 0.5 basic attack damage(total 1 damage if Bwonsamdi and Pacted hero kills the target together)

Favorite Loa of dem all(lv 20 talent): You can make a pact without limit. You must select a favorite subject for Q ability.

I want to hear back from you guys! Please add some more to this concept, we can plan together and see how far it goes!strong text


Another Abathur-type hero. I like it!

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the idea is very good friend, even if we have a troll in the middle of the game, but always having news in this game is a good thing thank you and congratulations friend of course for collaborating with your idea