Getting an inch closer to a good match making

Many of the storm league games often end up in a total win, or the complete opposite, it rarely ends with a good even game. That is what that is, but I really do think it could easily be addressed by restraining players to only queue up as 2, as a duo.

You can simply and way to easily affect the game by being 3 or more players, playing together as a team. From here it would make sense that if you queue up as 4 players, you as a minimum meet another 4-player team, but that is far from what is actually going on behind the match-making curtains.

I often end up in games where 4 players are playing together as a team, and the other side is made up of 5 individual players, sometimes if you are lucky you get duo queuers with you.

How does the MMR system say "hey this is a fair game - let’s allow 4 players on a team to play against 5 individual players because that will for sure make a good and even game? I’m almost certain that many of the games would be so much better balanced if it wasn’t possible to queue more than a maximum of two players.

There are many small tournaments and scrim options to play as 5 if that is what people really like. But signing up as 4 or even 5 players against a team that consists of individuals where is the fun in that? - no one gets a good game experience out of that.

What are the reasons for keeping the option to queue up as more than two players? - how does it benefit storm league to any extent? I don’t get how such a poor decision can be implemented into a MOBA game…

Bring back duo queue in an effort to even the games better - so that most games will be a fun experience.

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Yup but there will always be win traders

Havent seen a single “fair” QM in atleast 2 years. One side always steamrolls, always.
It is extremely exploitable and unfair, by far the most unfair game mode in the game. The only game mode with people that have 90% winrate consistently across several years compared to rank being more stable.

In rank its really a game of chance rather than draft. With such a small playerbase youre always seeing the same people anyway, so overall getting the same people that won the last game theyll win the next one aswell.
Sometimes people get mixed around and its somewhat different and games tend to go beyond level 16. These are alright games. Facing teams with full randoms is pretty much just an automatic loss. Cant help it.

No matter the rank you face the same people in here anyway since most people in rank also play several accounts. Once you hit high rank and very high winrate theres not much left to do, every single match has more or less the same enemy group, so you smurf again.

The game does not have a good matchmaking and it is completely impossible with the system they use.

5 games with the same potatoetard bring me back to B5. “Good match making” my a$$ xD

You say that until you lose last min after dominating all game