Game thinks I'm a different resolution? MAJOR BUG!


After patching today, Windows it popping up with the blurry app notification. I can’t get to the graphics options menu, due to Windows pop-up NOT going away when I click off of it (keeps taking me back to desktop).

I think the game thinks I’m playing at one resolution, when I’m at another. Is there a keyboard shortcut that goes straight into the options menu, where I can mess with the graphics settings? Or is this a bug that needs to be squashed?

As of right now, the game is not unplayable, but the degree of difficulty has gone up WAY TOO much.

Update: Okay, I went in through Try mode, and got at the options menu that way, and fixed my resolution settings. Something reset it, since it was NOT like this over the weekend when I last played.

Probably a bug in there.


just for future reference if something strange like that happens. your settings file is in…

…/Documents/Heroes of the Storm/Variables.txt

this particular issue you could have changed:
(ex. 1920x1080 – width=1920 | height=1080)

sometimes you are not able to even access the menu because your game will crash due to incompatible resolution when things like this happen. so you have to edit the settings file to correct it.