Game sabotages winrate

The game sabotages your winrate.
i am in bronze 5 and under trying to get. I win lots of matches with my friend and climb steadily(goinf from 15 pts per win to 34) Then, after almost reaching bronze 4, the game sees that I am the “better” trash and matches me with the worst trash of the game and bots. Then, my winrate goes down. I evem had 9 win row, no bonus. Despite my teammates being crap, I still win some games. But matching me with pure trash just to give them a chance is just sabotage.


Blizzard has done an extremely poor job here with the ranking system, and lack of enforcement to game rules and policy. Players that are repeatedly reported by a large population of players across teams for intentionally throwing matches, and in some cases even botting / cross-team coordination, have no deterrent penalty and are free to ruin the game.

Very disappointing to see how far a former leader and pioneer in the space of online competitive gaming has allowed a community like this to devolve.


Not really but people on this forum are very low ranked and will just flame me and upvote people like you. Even a high bronze player could easily get out of and stay out of bronze 5, the skill difference between the low and the lowest is that big let alone an average or high skilled player.


I aint gonna flame ya mate. Im gonna wish you good luck in your games.

So how am I to win when healer is complete noob and sits near me and lets me die, tank is a bot the bruiser left and assassin doesnt come to objective but solo lane. Even if you’re very good, you still can’t win 1v5, especially if the enemy team has more than 2 brain cells. The game just wasn’t designed that way.

There are many ways to do it. You can run down a single side lane pushing until you core with Azmodan because no one in Bronze 5 has a minimap. You can carry teamfights by positioning correctly (focusing whoever puts you within the threat range of only 1 person not going into melee range of the entire enemy team). You can soak. Etc

The game’s impossible to climb. Not ever since their 2.0 update.

You are correct in the game’s MM system purposely screws over players,
literally trapping them in ELO hell, and never giving them the ability to
avoid players.

No offense, but I dont think you know how games are in bronze 5. I have played against super coordinated enemy teams that take our camps, gank in 5, all to objective etc. Meanwhile a lot of my team is either afk, a bot, leaver or complete noob. Sometimes I get some decent teammates and win, but not too often.

Your suggestions are good, but I cant push one lane unhindered.I will send you a replay if you want to see how bronze 5 is played, you will be surprised. They react immediately, clearly not noobs and have no place in bronze 5. Maybe gold.

i am going to ignore that you are broons 5 but you are aboslutely correct and i will validate u

my pals and I are normal functioning human beings with brains and we playe very well when we started we thought it was weird how we went like 20 games without losing and after we had like a steady 60 percent winrate and then our second year playing we had like the worst possible imaginable people queued with us with like 30 and 40 percent winrates and we were wondering why and how this could even be possible. my friend(s) at different times got suspensions and made new accounts and as they played on those accounts the people we played with were significantly better (they also were new accounts) and that stopped the moment they went back on their mains. it is only now that this game has glass bones and paper skin that we have some decent players on our team but that kind of is only slightly so but it’s noticeable. i just wish people would stop playing nova every single game that part has not stopped at all and it drives me insane in the bionicle brain

In a nutshell, the matching system isn’t “random”. It “plays favorites”.

Basically the better player you are and the MORE you win? The more often the system will start sticking you with the chumps. This is their way of “balancing” things out. Players that do well for themselves, will find themselves going through stints where the system intentionally matches them with nothing but losers. That’s how it forces that infamous “50% win-rate”.

The only way to overcome this, is to play exclusively in 5-stacks. Aka: Only play with those you know on friends list and such. So the system is unable to ditch you with the B-squad losers whenever it wants too.

Years ago i used to think it was just “bad luck” when i’d hit these hopeless loss streaks, with no end in sight, always getting matched with the crappiest players around, etc. But after a while i caught on to the pattern.

I had the same “feeling” once but actually did an experiment some time ago where I would record winrates/games played of every player in the match. Turned out the amount of bad/good players was pretty much equal for both teams. I suggest you do the same and see it for yourself, our brains love to trick us into “it’s evil matchmaking” kind of thinking.

Regarding 50% isn’t it a sign of balanced game? Like this means the system actually estimates your skill correctly to create balanced game. Sadly with small player base and smurfs it becomes impossible task though

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I got my friends bronze 5 account to plat 5.

Months later, he’s back down to bronze 5 again, playing the same couple of heroes, doing the exact same strategy, and complaining in discord as he streams his losses.

Anyone “struggling” in bronze 5, is exactly where they are supposed to be. You have no idea how embarrassingly easy those games are to a normal players. I’m not even talking master or GM’s, even people in gold cruise through bronze 5.

I streamed in discord using my friends account, just to show my buddy how insanely easy it was, and to explain to him that he’s just not playing correctly.

Unless you consistently play grouped up with a bunch of people, to carry you out of bronze 5, you’re inability to play the game correctly or learn, won’t allow you to progress much more than that, as a solo player at least.

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Since this post I’m out of b5. B3 currently. Can you show me a video where you solo with one teammate intentionally dying and 2 more afks and you win?

How do i send you a replay? I have a replay of 2 team mates intentionally trying to throw, and our team coming out on top, with the opponents actually trying.

And I think this is either, Silver, Gold, or Plat game, I can’t remember, but it was a recent one that I remember.

Google drive link I guess.

Thou are wrong, 80% of all games is the dominance of one team over another with a gap of 3-4 levels. This is visible to the naked eye and no tests need to be carried out. Even if there are players in the dominant team who make mistakes from time to time, it hardly affects anything, since a weak team is not able to realize enemy mistakes.

I don’t trust your “naked eye”, please upload you latest 10 games on HP and share the link/profile name. If your claims are true this would be the easiest way to prove me wrong. But something tells me you can’t back up you words

EDIT: checked your last 3 games. Not a single one with even 2 levels lead.
There was one game (ID 47936139) where Stukov decided to feed after lvl15, took him a while to even get to 2 lvl lead for opponents, but the game was over anyway by that point.
And there was ToS game (ID 48181349), where one team was close to 2 lvl lead by having lvl10 advantage for a while, but the other team did catch up and game was equal.

Feel free to share ID’s of 10 consecutive games and mark the ones with 3-4 lvl leads so I can verify and I’ll admit being wrong

yep same experience :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: