Game keeps freezing randomly

Hello there,

I encountered a lot of problems such as Sky Temple map crashing the game, or occasional visual glitches & bugs here and there but since I lowered Shader settings, it’s been fine. However, after recent patches I started getting weird freezes, sometimes around 1-2 seconds, sometimes longer than that. It didn’t happen to me before and the game ran fine. I’m on Catalina (and no, it was fine when I first updated the system).

To add, there’s still a command + tab bug when I wanted to return to desktop, game instead gives me a black window. I use the shortcut for changing the resolution and only then I’m able to minimize the game. This happens every time I launch the game.

Hey, Rageworks! After the 10.15.4 update, we’re seeing some issues with the game freezing instead of the crashing reports we were seeing for previous builds. We’re gathering reports at this moment on this thread. As for the the CMD + TAB issue, this is listed on our Known Mac Technical Support Issues list.

I have the same issue with freezing. This is super annoying as it pretty much makes the game unplayable