Game crashing during matches for specific heroes and maps


I am trying to play Heroes of the Storm on a Dell Inspiron. The computer runs well for almost everything else we use it for. It is relatively new and there are no hardware nor software issues. I have spent countless hours reading through every single troubleshooting forum that this website has given me to no success. I capped the framerate at 20 and have every single option in the game as low as possible. All of my options are optimized for the whole computer.
When I see Kaz, Zag, and a few other heroes they drop me out of the game entirely. Black screen crash. They use certain moves. For example, Zagara’s hydralisk drops me. I cannot play on certain maps. The attacks from the spiders in the Spider Queen map completely crash my game.
I have reinstalled the game twice. I run a repair every time I open it. I do not understand what else I can do besides buy a new computer. Is there a way to delete the specific animations of those spells that are crashing me? Is there a way to set gaming preferences to not fight certain heroes or not play on certain maps? Please help. I want to play heroes of the storm, but if I cannot resolve this issue, then I have to move on.


You sure? Have you run CPU and GPU stress tests to confirm?

The HotS engine (actually StarCraft II engine…) can exhibit “power virus” like symptoms when it comes to GPU utilization. What this means is that it uses the GPU in such a way that for the same time based loading factor it consumes considerably more power than most game engines. This makes it much more likely to expose GPU hardware faults than other games. That said if the hardware is working correctly this is not a problem and the game will run reliably for thousands of hours.

However this could be driver related. I suggest clean installing your GPU drivers and making sure the game is running from the discrete GPU (in case your PC has an Intel CPU with integrated graphics).

Clean installing the audio drivers might also be a good idea. All those things mentioned that cause a crash also have sound associated with them.


Try what DrSuperGood has suggested with clean installing your GPU and Audio drivers.

If those steps do not work, try deleting your Cache and Files. If you are still running into issues after that, please check for Error.txt and Graphics.txt located in your Documents/Heroes of the Storm folder and post those logs here.

Delete Battle.Net Cache Folder

Delete Battle.Net Files

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