Game crashes almost every time, and/or freezes breaks the computer.. S


As topic said… SEVERAL people post the same her every day now, and it’s the ONLY game of all my 40 games I’m having problems with… Even after repairs and reinstalls… Maybe stop posting “solutions” that doesn’t work, or saying we should fix the computer or the problem lays there… Fix YOUR game…


Hey, Ballegove!

Every single crash you are getting is completely different. This is normally a sign of system instability or hardware issues. Are you getting Bluescreen crashes? I would highly recommend checking out the steps Here.


I absolutely agree with you. I have an Alienware 17 R5 laptop with a 1070 video card i7 processor 12GB ram PCi exp. SSD. Its no way this poor game lagging. And i have fix 100+ FPS and my game looks like I have 3 FPS. I read forums everything did reinstall, repair, everything. And its still!


The same here, I have reinstalled the game several times, even windows…
ONLY THIS ONE GAME is lagging constantly and crashes every week with the error that I dont have direct X11 installed on my machine, allthough I FKIN HAVE