Game crash 4 times

After the 9/20 update, a game error occurs every time in the middle of the game.

I got 3 AFK penalties because the game crashed.

The following is the error code for each time.





By the way, the first time the game crashed I had uninstalled the game and “every” file folder and reinstalled it, and the game still crashed.

Plz help me.


The four crashes appear to be Access Violations when the game reads from or writes to memory; the values are not what the game expects and crashes. Third-party software conflicts, unstable overclocking/undervolting, or memory stability/faulty memory issues are often sources for Access Violations. I recommend following our basic and advanced troubleshooting Here.

Thank you!


Thank you kind blue.

Also on a side note, is it possible to know how many post do I need to be able to link?

No one will mind if you use a simple workaround to post links, look for blockquote or preformatted text options found just at the top of the post edit box.

like so


Some websites may be greenlit for everyone by default, others not so much before trust level 3.

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