Frequently crashing on Mac catalina

Game frequently crashes since upgrade to macOS catalina…happened quite a few times…when it happens, game only crashes in a match and always at the beginning of a match, and rejoining will also cause crash for that match even after restarting my Mac…OS version macOS catalina 10.15.1


Does this happen on all maps or only Sky Temple?

There is a known issue with Sky Temple at the moment. Setting the Shaders to Medium can help a bit in the mean time. Here’s the forum thread for the Sky Temple crashes!

For Catalina, there is currently a driver issue impacting Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II constantly crashing and experiencing kernel panics. Our team is working on resolving this and in communication with Apple. Hopefully both issues will be addressed soon!


So until then if we cannot go back to the previous OS we cannot play heroes. :+1:


I have the same issue… Game crashes on almost every map, all characters are starting to jump up and down and become unable to target. Have to leave like every 1/2 games just because of this unifixed bug which has been there since the past 3 patches…


Has there been a solution yet??

No new updates as of yet, but I am keeping a watch on the issue and will update when new information is available. There’s some driver issues which complicates this a bit, but our team and apple are tracking the issue.

I have also lost a ton of rank points and have leaver status everytime this has happened. it’s been happening for pretty much the entire month of December…

I’ve had the same problem. Not sure what to do.

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So this problem has been going on for months and it still isn’t fixed? Does it solve the problem to revert to an earlier operating system?


No new updates from this. With this being a driver issue, it will take some time to fix for Apple and our Heroes team. I’ll try and provide updates when we have more information.

These suggestions are not supported by Blizzard, but may serve as a workaround in the mean time. If you feel comfortable with doing so, these steps should workaround the issue until a resolution is pushed.

  • Using a Bootcamp partition (Windows)
  • Rolling back to Mojave (10.14.6)

If this is happening in Sky Temple, please set the shaders to medium in the game settings. This is a known issue that our team is looking into.

Closing this out. Not the main thread for the sky temple issue.