FREQUENT Stuttering

I have a video but I can’t post it because forums don’t let you post links, but it’s consistent intermittent lagspikes that occur every other second and last about a second.

This doesn’t happen in Try Mode or with the game Menus.

I have followed almost all of the troubleshooting steps found on the Stuttering Megathread Tech Support post.

  • Uninstalled
  • Reinstalled
  • Repaired
  • Updated my GPU drivers
  • I’ve got a fairly new/decent system
  • Radeon RX 7900 XT, SSD, solid system above the minimum requirements
  • I have fiber internet connected via Ethernet
  • No stuttering/lag/high ping on any other game
  • I’ve changed all settings from Extreme to Low
  • Changed sound settings to low/no reverb
  • Fullscreen / windowed / fullscreen windowed at all resolutions all stutter
  • Closed all browsers and other programs
  • Gave admin rights to system
  • Unlinked OneDrive
  • No system overheating
  • No overclocking
  • Approved in Firewall

I quit HotS because of this years and years ago on my old nvidia PC and different internet, but the issue is happening even now. I have a suspicion that it’s related to the game autosaving replays.

In my experience stutter can be due to two things:

  • Network latency. Playing on a weaker network, or with a distant region. Sometimes it just happens for one match, too. Practically, everything you do including point and click just gets queued for the server, and what you see is the response. (It’s the same as WoW.) Sometimes it’s asymmetric, so when this happens, it’s best to just try and move towards escaping, it might happen. Many games are somewhat tolerant by guesstimating but Heroes really isn’t, possibly a choice to avoid rubber banding since in these games, stutter stepping is very common, unlike in train, truck sims or even games like WoW where you normally just keep running.
  • Hardware issue causing rendering. I have an SSD but sometimes my system still decides that 2 MB/sec is a perfectly acceptable top speed for a drive these days.

There should be a sticky around that allows you to trace-route to the servers, but you can also try and use netstat to figure it out. Occasionally I am affected by bad routes, which may take a while to clear up.


Once before I fixed my problem with 2% packet loss with something simple as replacing the network cable.


This problem used to plague me for THE longest time…then it went away…then it came back. And after what felt like half a year straight…

…it went away again. And i hadn’t appreciated how smooth and lag-free my matches have been, till i read this thread and it reminded me how horrid the constant “freeze-points” used to be.

I’m sure things will swing around once again: Before long the OP will be experiencing Perfect, lag-free matches, and i’ll be back to constant, freeze-frame madness. Don’t worry OP, it’ll get better.

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