Forums are absolutely useless

Blizzard does absolutely nothing about the overwhelming opinions of many players. Why do we even try?


Because the “opinions of many players” is garbage, why would any decent dev listen to it? Most people don’t know to discuss nor understand proper basics… In fact it’s only natural to not listen to this kind of players, if you want to be successful, because they don’t know what they want. And my bet would be you belong to this kind of players, otherwise you wouldn’t make this useless topic.


They listen to some suggestions like balance and talent changes to heroes. The last 3 patches is proof enough. Then even changed Stukov’s Fetid Touch ability when many of us complained we would like to be able to toggle our AA between ranged and melee.


True, but that’s not what OP want to hear. He created this topic for whining purpose or just to ruin the fun for others…


I wouldn’t be surprised if the OP thinks HOTS has a dedicated team of 50 Devs working on it.

At any rate, the OP should go over to the HOTS sub Reddit if he wants his opinion heard


Why would someone even post on a forum when they believe said forum is absolutely useless?




Do you really think OP is interested on serious feedback? I highly doubt it… my impression tends to be that he is here to troll around, that’s why my first comment was like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why exactly do we do anything, I wonder?

Not everything we do follows a logical path. Sometimes we can’t even explain to ourselves why we do something. Sometimes that something could even be habitual.

Why have I been reading these forums for 5 years? What am I getting out of it? I play Versus A.I. and my favorite hero is Morales. Make of that what you will.

Admittedly, I’ve grown to like some of the people here, but that doesn’t explain the first 2 years.

If I’m to guess…It sort of feels like I’m waiting for something. But I’m not sure what.

In the meantime, I’ll probably keep making puns and dad jokes. Those don’t need a motive.


I wouldn’t. Reddit is extremely toxic and you are almost guaranteed to be bullied if you go to a gaming reddit.

Oh I agree, that is just one reason I only use these forums and not Reddit. It’s just that the Devs do post to Reddit and the OP wants them to hear his various takes.

I can’t agree with that. Sometimes I use reddit and I can’t see how it is more toxic, but I can relate that the odds are higher that there are more toxic people, because the audience on reddit is just higher than on this forum, it’s only natural that there are more toxic people or trolls. But in general I don’t see much difference compared to the Hots forum.

What overwhelming opinioms on which topic?

Btw Blizz made many changes based on player feedback.


No, Reddit is far, far worse.

I mean people there go as far as to spam others with self help suicide prevention resources and there’s absolutely no room for any real discussion there because of how the karma system works; you either conform to the groupthink or you get dog piled until your posts will never be seen again due to downvote spamming.

Here, sure there’s the occasional troll and a bunch of silly whine threads but at least there’s no barrier of entry and hivemind crap going on here.


Well… maybe I am just lucky, but I never experienced stuff like that…

I got down-voted sometimes, but my overall karma is around 1,4k.

Forums are not useless.

The Devs collecting the data, actually actioning the data and releasing the change are useless.

The Devs used to be active here, they’re more active on Reddit which is ironic cause they just abandoned their own forums.

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They made the Stukov ranged attacks activatable in like a week after combining the w and aa talents. They definitely listen but you have to remember a lot of people have REALLY horrible ideas. From completely re-working heroes because they don’t know how to use or counter them to the regular suggestions of a Surrender option (if you want to give up, uninstall and stop wasting people that play the games times or only play AI beginner difficulty.

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The forums aren’t here to make Blizzard adhere to your every whim. Their primary use is discussing the game with your fellow players.

I’d say this forum does a better job of that than Reddit.


What are you doing here then, OP?


He have no clue.

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