Forum Trust Level Update: Trust Level 2


As of now, 15 days have passed since the opening of the new forums and it seems level 2 has been unlocked, I did a check-up through some of .json files for multiple users here (which I won’t name) and they seem to have passed the requirements in reaching Level 2 which are according to this post:

What does Trust Level 2 get more than the previous trust level?

Nothing really unique aside from loosening up these stupid limitations you probably encountered at least multiple times for how many likes that can be given, Comments and Posts that can be created and Flags that can be cast on a daily basis.

Knowing Your Current Trust Level:

Click Here
  1. Take the following link down below:[user-id].json

  1. Replace [user-id] with your Blizzard ID and do not add “#” before the ID numbers instead insert “-” or it won’t work


  1. Press Ctrl + F to open the Word Search Engine, and search trust_level


  1. Each Trust_Level has a number next to it (_0,_1 and_2), the highest number is your current Trust Level

As a reminder for reaching Trust Level 3:

You are required:

So far in the last 15 days:

  • More than 10k+ topics and comments created combined.
  • Currently, 9700+ unique users visited the forums.
  • 1250 users have acquired Trust Level 1.
  • 116 users who acquired Trust Level 1 achieved Trust Level 2.

So yes the possibility of reaching 20k read posts is possible. :wink:


Good post.
Disappointingly but not surprisingly not made by a Dev and not pinned either.

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Most of this stuff has been figured out alone by the Overwatch community when it moved forums they didn’t even get a dev comment :stuck_out_tongue:


Does Trust level 3 requirement mean your account must have never in the last 4 years received any in-game actions, for example a warning or a silence? So if you got warning email or silence in the middle of 2015 you can no longer get Trust Level 3 today?


This rule is still pretty unclear, I have seen multiple reports getting silenced in Overwatch but still getting Level 3, probably depends on which time you got the silence/forum ban, I think the account is fully clear from being penalized of getting level 3 as long as he doesn’t get a ban/suspensions after the forums creation.


Thanks for the post brother,i bookmarked this.


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Helpful, this will come in handy.