Fix stuttering, lagging, slowdowns on Macs (Intel / M1)

Hello all,

I just want to help you guys to solve the stuttering / lagging / slowdowns for MacBooks (also with M1).

Beside this article: “Heroes of the Storm Performance Issues - Blizzard Support” there are other things you can try out.

  1. System Preferences > Displays > Universal Control > deactivate
  2. System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall > deactivate
  3. Check if other devices in your LAN are streaming / etc.
  4. Close the launcher in the background, when you started hots
  5. Turn down the resolution / graphic settings


  1. For me I noticed that if universal control is deactivated, there is no stuttering anymore if you hit the side of the screen.
  2. Also because HotS is a game that requires a fast communication to the server and each frame gets committed. The game stutters if the committing of the frames is not done fast. If so the game is trying to resume to the current state and this makes it stuttering
  3. Because you are sharing the bandwidth with your other devices this also might slow down
  4. The refreshing of the news layers seems also to cause stuttering
  5. This is described a lot as of shared memory usage and swap to SSD etc.

With those changes Hots run completely without any stuttering / lagging / slowdowns on my Mac.

Hope this helps you too.