Fix matchmaking

fix the matchmaking in ranked games -.- climbing not possible by smurf accounts


Smurfing is a problem in itself, The ranked match making does need worked on but ranked in general needs more restrictions against smurfs.

Thing is most GM and High Rank people climb rank with Samuro, KT or other heroes that are totaly imbalance. That s how they do it. Greymane is categorize Range Assasin, but 90% of people play him melee. That s weird and ridiculous and to me Greymane is OP.

I do agree on that and if a hero is being picked every game when you play then that hero probably needs a nerf and grey has been like this for several seasons now.

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I agree on Samuro and GM, but KT? - He has sub-average WR across all ranks and that is not because they fail to utilize him. He is just very well rounded.

Tracer, greymane, butcher, are all easy counters to KT.

The main problem is that every new account starts somewhere in Silver to Gold. That’s good spot for totally new account but not with veteran player’s second or third account.

This causes terrible exploit when you team up with friend in platinum to never face platinums and even can face solo players to “balance the mmr” because of the low ranked account (which is of course smurf).

The best thing is that you have a tanked account by this mmr system with just very few effort. Making new account to ranked is pretty easy and fast with all the boost to exp in parties. You only need about 50-80 levels in account (few days to play anyway).

I tested the system and my friend climbed from gold 2 to plat 2 with this trick.

This problem will be worse after every reset as we see more and more people smurfing and more people in wrong ranks, because there are 10 players in one game. Even if one player climbs like in 90 games it will destroy all the fun for hundreds of players as there are lot of people included in 90 games.

Instead of placements games for “new players” they should play in unranked mode to settle their game mmr before and after lets say 20-40 games in unranked they can enter the ranked with predefined mmr. So if they win much their mmr is higher and if they lose more their mmr is lower. Anyway forcing someone to test ranked is good way to teach them what is the ranked environment.