Feedback on Tyrael's Defense of the Angels change

The talent feels a bit weird. I’m not sure why the cooldown reduction part was removed from the talent entirely.

Its pickrate already wasn’t great and now to gain the bonus benefit youre forced to constantly attack which I guess isn’t necessarily bad but it just makes the talent way less versatile and way more reliant on extremely aggressive plays.

The 120 second cooldown right now feels unnecessarily long for a 50 armor buff. It is arguable that the reason this talent isn’t very popular is because of Stalwart Angel at level 4 already providing 25 armor along side Tyrael’s own shields granting enough sustain on their own. Or even the fact that his heroic upgrades are very useful and fun to pass.

So instead of a flat cooldown reduction I would like to request this talents previous functionality to be baked into the current version. Maybe instead of a 3 second cooldown reduction it could be reduced to 2?

Like this perhaps “Each time Righteousness’s Shield absorbs damage, Defense of the Angel’s cooldown is reduced by 3 2 seconds.”


Thanks for taking the time to type this.

I think your premise makes sense. As for your solution, adding a seperate cooldown reduction mechanic on top of the increasing duration mechanic feels like a bit much in regards to the talent having too much stuff going on, I think we can just get away with just lowering the cooldown to get the same effect. We could also just add cooldown reduction to the existing mechanic, so you want to hit people to get both benefits.

I made a note to think on it. Thanks for the post!


Oh goodness. I didn’t expect a dev comment. Thank you a lot for the consideration. Yes, im no developer, im sorry if the proposed solution isnt anything fancy. I just found it rather cool how good usage of shielding could grant the player this sense of managing such a long cooldown, so merging the mechanic sounded okay. Either way, thanks a bunch


Yes a cooldown of 120 is too high. Maybe 80 seconds for the optimal talent that it is.

The talent could be OP if you specced attack speed for Tyrael and spammed abilities in a cluster team fight. In theory you could have a permanent defense of the Angels armor during a clustered team fight.

Edit: I gave it a test and it works nicely on clusters or heavy moving targets. The shield duration can go on average for 10 seconds (if focused on agile targets) to permanent duration (if focused on heavy mobile targets like diablo or Jo) of a teamfight. It makes it easier speccing talents for quicker cool-down for abilities as well, so you can cast abilities quicker and keep the shield duration even longer. It’d be a good zoning tool at higher levels of plays where players that might be aware about the shield and its procs and will try to get away from Tyrael in order to not be attacked to keep his shield on. I might have to use this talent down the track. The potential is nice. If it’s as strong as I think it is, then it could warrant a reason why it has a 120 seconds kewl down. Take Ardent with shield and you’ll get perma-healing during the teamfight.

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As someone who used to take the armor talent at 20 I second that the cooldown needs to be reduced. 80 sec would mean he would have it for two fights, if two fights were to ever happen. The new functionality of the talent is actually quite appealing when going bruiser build.

It’s also hard to sustain with how many times you’re actually hitting an enemy hero. Thinking about it, you’d have to be hitting with both your mobility tools on multiple heroes to truly gain the benefit, but yea, the CD is too long for an average of 50 armor over 7 seconds.

Could we rename the talent as something like “justice’s fervor” or “unrelenting justice”? I find the name misleading now that it became a more offensive talent.

So you have changed the way you interact with us in the forums?
I’m glad to see you are now willing to show what you think and give your opinions about our proposals.

This is 3 years late, but i am happy to finally see this happen.

Would you please comment on my Medivh forced camera movement posts?
I am convinced beyond a doubt that even if you have never played Medivh i can bring you to understand the problem very easily.

Can you stop being offensive to the devs? You keep insulting them in multiple posts and want them to listen to you… My god you cant be this stupid


And he wonders why dev’s don’t write much on the forums…


And it’s not like devs never post. I’ve seen a decent amount off AZJackson posts.


You have seen no more than 30, since that’s how many he has posted in his entire life.

You have almost 30 times more posts than Jackson, practically the only developer that ever writes something on these forums, because the average among the devs seems to be around 5, you know. 5 posts.

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5 posts and one is dedicated to you!? Wow thats great! How do you feel?


I feel like i am the only person acting in favor of the interests of a community that is not intelligent enough to realize the blatant problems in-front of them.

Like i am the only enemy of incompetence in these forums because the people that cant see the problems attack me and those who can, choose to ignore them because they know their voice will not have consequences.

My friends- some of the best players in the world- insist every day that i am wasting my time by thinking that incompetence, ineptitude and ignorance can be erased from the dev team, they try to convince me everyday to just stop caring like they have.

I do not want to leave this game to rot, i want it to be good again and better than ever.

You’re god damn right.

Please do me a favor and stop trying to act in my interest. You aren’t, you can’t, and your attempts are bordering on embarassing.


Not really lol.

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When you think that there is only one possible solution, you neither understand the problem or the solution.

Seriously, you have been abrasive on the discussions here, and your own willingness to label people who are working on the game as incompetent, inept, and ignorant… and you expect them to drop EVERYTHING and respond to your post on something that the community probably covered extensively on their own.

You have made up your mind. You are not on these forums to discuss or debate. You’re here to browbeat and insult. Move on.

You don’t speak for me.


Neither does anyone else here, we’re all here (well most of us) because we love this game.

But why would blizzard listen to an incompetent, inept, ignorant child with delusions of granduer?

just because you constantly scream “i am da best” doesn’t make it true. Nor is it true for your supposedly “best in da world” friends. You seem to think that screaming these things at every opportunity is what makes your arguments right and your statements true.

While it is completely irrelevant. A player with godly skills could still be completely clueless about balance. A player with trash skills could have great insight and logic as to balance.

It all comes down to how you formulate your ideas & thoughts as well as if they make sense and are reasonable, and as it is, you are terrible at all this since all you do for the most part is scream about how you da best, making you look like an arrogant, clueless fool.


My intentions never have been to insult anyone, it just so happens that the truth is insulting, i feel insulted by it too.

And come on, did i not make a post some time ago literally called “LETS HAVE DEBATES WITH THE DEVS”?

Wether an idea makes sense or is agreeable does not depend only on how the idea is formulated and communicated, it depends enormously on the experience that the listener has regarding such idea. My intentions by saying who i am were not to deviate the conversation and create a circus, but to make it easier for my readers to believe in my word, since i know most of them have zero experience with the topics i address in my posts.

Yeah i agree completely except in the cases in which i don’t.