Dying more than 6 times in as many minutes

Why are you even playing in competitive if you die more than 6 times? Go to Quick Match, you drag your team down and it’s not even a fun experience trying to help you out of a bad spot. It’s impossible to rank solo when you have feeders on your team. I’m sick of it. I wish if you died 8 times in a match it would just lock you out of competitive.


Or you just bad that your mate died 8 times and it is you who should be locked.

I agree. I have seen people with 11 deaths before 8 minutes and there is 0 excuse for it. If you are that bad then you are clearly miss ranked and if you are not then its clearly trolling but here we are.

Do you ever watch tournament matches? Even pros sometimes have games where they die a bunch. And because this is a team game with specific roles, a person dying a lot may be as much about other teammates as the person dying.

Nope I dont watch tournament matches, I doubt they even exist due to how bad blizzard killed this game. There is no reason for that many deaths. If you are having a off day then you log off.

You ever heard of CCL or Heroes Lounge. Its not HGC but still a tournement played by people of all ranks.

Nope never of it. Then again I stopped following everything minus on here a little bit. Games dead.

Only 6 times? Lucky you!

I’ve died 15 times one game, trying to win…and won the game in ranked. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.