Does this happen to you in ranked? Share your story!

So today, I go into a game with a player called Player (obvious smurfing name) and well, they decide to ping me when I die, after they dive too deep and all of their allied players die, then they proceed to ping me a lot. Afterward, they decide they want to go afk the rest of the game. I was like great, this guy shut turned off. I opened up chat and said why are you not playing? He told me to kill myself So, I report them for AFK and abusive language towards me. Well, a few moments after the first game, I get in another game with the same player, but this time, I told my team he afk’d last game and they decide to play Greymane, and what do they do? They dive the back line and die 12 times. Needless to say, we lost that match too. I reported him for Intentionally dying. Well, a few moments later…Yep, you guessed it, I got them in a 3rd game, but this time, they decide to play Abathur. What did they do that game? He hatted me (i was the healer) and pinged me every time I died. I warned the team he was throwing games (most likely for smurfing reasons) and that game ended like the other two, with us losing horribly. Does this happen to you? If so, share your stories here. Maybe if enough people post on this thread, the devs will see it and maybe something will finally get done about this problem.

Until next time friends, Hope you have better luck than me in the ranked matches.


ya this is HOTS you report AFK/toxic and next game genius Bli$$ard paring you with him… SAD story…
In normal game is basic function reported people don’t pairing with for those who reported them, But this is HOTS another genius fx is pairing Veteran player with 1000 games with low lvl noob who doesnt know basic and first tim in ranked… if THEIR skill determine your PERSONAL rank point… SAD story TOO :joy:

What are you talking about? I’m just asking if others have similar stories about their in game issues. I know I’m lower level than I should be, but I’m not a high end streamer that has everyone in their mother trying to get into games with or against them. It’s a sad truth.

This is why I quit this game. Got tired of wins and losses being cause of this. Happens to me about 60% of the time and no one can carry people who act like that. I could not tell you how many times exactly I would get someone who rage afks cause 1 player died. Or when they didnt get healed cause they tried to 1v5 so they afk. Games super toxic and reporting does nothing cause player avoidance will never be a thing even though it should.

I love this game and how it plays but the match making and community is just insanely broken and bad. I lost all desire to play until real changes are made. Lets hope microsoft sees more in this game than blizzard and activision did.

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the fact that they let the game go for so long and how bad it has gotten there is no coming back this is a dead game unless they give away free money to get poeple to trust them again.

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And why MVP player lost same MMR point that 0 kill/0dmg/0xp as their afk troll WHY???

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Or how You can go from diamond 3 to gold 2 cause every single game you have to super hard carry cause you get a bot or a troll. Then community is like oh its you when you are mvp 85% of the time

This is really frustrating because your Rank (+/-200) depends upon this player. Even if you played really well and did everything correctly, you’ll still lose 200 points because your teammate decided to be a troll.

We need performance based adjustments in Ranked mode. This would incentivize players that are serious about their Rank to play even BETTER, because they know they’ll have their Rank adjusted appropriately if there’s a troll on the team.


My only advice to you: if you play a match with a troll on your team, you should take a 10 minute break after the match ends. This will almost always ensure that you don’t get that player on your team again (unless the troll player did the same thing…but still a VERY small chance).

TLDR: don’t queue up right away after a troll match, it will save you in the long run

I’m addition to reporting, I always block the person as well. I don’t know if blocking prevents you being matched with them. I haven’t noticed being matched with people after I block them but that may just be coincidence.

Nope blocking means nothing other than they cant communicate with you which is funny cause they can still spam friend requests after being blocked but nope player avoidance while ideal is not in this game.

Your advice is a :poop:

In good game reported troll is baned and NEVER pair with you…

Think of it this way…if you can report & block players to never have them in your games again, people would abuse this feature whenever they played against people that were better than them. They’d block the good players to make their future matches easier.

I don’t know about you, but I would block bad players I don’t want to play with … And sure reported players still available for enemy team blocked only for your team …

people would abuse this feature… how? To block people I don’t want to play with? Why should i be forced to play with someone whose style of playing is toxic to me ???

But there isnt many if any good players left. Its all game throwers and afks in plat and under. The match making is being abused as the good players are boosting each other and the randoms are just getting paired with trolls who have 9 accounts cause that is what this game is now.

Yes, it’s happened to me. Here’s what you need to do to counter it:

  1. After a match with a troll, /whisper them. Don’t say anything, just get their name up in the chat window. From now on (for this session) their name will appear in your chat window.
  2. Hover over the troll names to see who’s doing what. If someone is in the queue, don’t queue. If they are in a match, then go ahead and queue.
  3. Repeat until the majority of today’s trolls are being monitored in your chat list.

It takes a good 10 matches to get this going. After that, you can more easily troll-dodge, but keep in mind: there are more of them than there are of you. They want you to stop playing this game because it belongs to them, and they’ll continue their guerilla warfare campaign long after you’ve given up and gone elsewhere.

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While i agree with this. Its not always accurate. I will see they are in game. Then I will que and I some how end up with them in game. now this isnt very often but it has happened. It eventually lead to me quitting cause like you said. The game belongs to them and its sad reaally.

I’d be down for performance based rank stuff :smiley:

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Yes, I would do the same, and I’m sure many others would too. However there would be people out there that only blocked people that were better than them, and that’s the issue.