Did blizzard forget about Gazlowe?

And added “rip gazlow” to your statement as like someone, who are sure about what he is saying. You are contradicting yourself here.


Gazlowe is currently capable of doing bosses solo, though it’s not as easy as just right-click and AFK like Rexxar and Varian.

First, you’ll need lvl 10 with Gazlowe with Robo-Goblin - Otherwise you won’t have the damage to down bosses.

You’ll also need Hired Goons - This allows your turrets to absorb 3+ hits, depending on your current lvl and the time.

You can use Clockwork Steam Fists instead, though it’s riskier, requires you to fully complete the quest. It’s quite a bit faster though.

Now, though?

Hired Goons - Gone.

Robo Goblin - Reduced from 119 DPS to 48 DPS in sustained situations.

Clockwork Steam Fists - Removed. The duration extention moved to lvl 13

Turrets themselves - Damage reduced by half, duration reduced by half. Scrap no longer grants a 9-12 second CD reduction to all abilities, instead it only grants a 4 second CD reduction solely to turret. HP itself reduced.

Explodium Charge - Damage nearly halved. CD varied from 1 second increase to 4 second increase.

What did Gazlowe gain for all this?

400 increased HP (I.E. 2 hits from a boss)

PvP sustain thats completely tied up into his W - Which has been significantly nerfed.

Camp sustain is basically gone. Lane sustain is weaker.

Gazlowe may still be able to do boss due to his lvl 1 and lvl 4 combo, which gives him a decent shield whenever he uses a turret for 2.5 seconds, and gives him access to the lost CDR he previously had from his Salvager trait. However, it will take him, at a minimum, nearly twice as long to do the boss compared to if you used Hired Goons, and likely as much as four times as long if you used Clockwork Steam Fists.

So, no. This is essentially Artanis’s rework all over again, if not worse - A complete change to the dynamic of the hero (Gazlowe is going from a squishy but extremely high damage zoning assassin, to a slightly more bulky but significantly lower damage bruiser, compared to Artanis going from an incredibly resilient but low damage tank to moderately resilient, moderate damage bruiser).

Overall, this is a terrible rework.

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Just a question how long did you test it out on ptr or is it just your results from reading patch notes? If the last is true, then you might you should try the rework before judging it too early, but thanks for your detailed input.

Haven’t tried it yet but wow, the changes to his turrets look awful. He was one of the few building characters in the game and now he no longer has a build centered around it. All of his turret talents were removed… why? :\

The only good change i see out of this is the xplodium/gravbomb combo being improved, Turrets and melee build look like they got dunked on. Please don’t go forward with this… Give him back his turret builds.

He said RIP Specialist Gazlowe. The new Gazlowe can work like the new Tassadar works, but that does not mean that a type of gameplay wasn’t taken away from Gazlowe that is interesting, different, and is already viable. But like with Tassadar, there were already other mages, there are already other bruisers.

I’ve always liked engineering type heroes, and Gazlowe embodied that. If I wanted to hit stuff with my melee all the time and have sustain, I would literally play any one of the other heroes already available. I mean when I think of a little Goblin Engineer, bruiser does not immediately come to mind. What was cool about him is RoboGoblin sort of allowed you into that role if you wanted to build him that way, but it was an option, not mandatory.


You don’t, but for me it’s only natural that Gazlow is more bruiser than assassine, because let’s be honest most people plays Gaz as Specialist or to be more precisely as Pusher. Pushers are usually solo like Rexxar, Sonya and so on. So it’s quite fitting that he can now go legitimately for solo lane or support the team with initation stuff with his ultimate. He’s comparable to Rexxar for me.

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“Did blizzard forget about Gazlowe?”
No, we only wish they had. RIP


What about Probius? Have you forgotten about it?

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its been like two weeks now and it doesnt seem like I’m alone in my thinking eh?
And that was me just doing a quick glance at the patch notes.

You know what really bugged me about this rework on top of him losing his identity? Im a QM player and since gaz is now listed as a bruiser it means there will be games where im the solo bruiser in the team in games where there are no tanks. Which means I will need to take on the role of tank for my team up against true bruisers/pseudo tanks like dehaka, imperius, dva, yrel, etc. Gazlowe doesnt have the same engage/peel/tanking capabilities as the others.

I preferred gaz as this squishy, clunky, vulnerable to ganks, but very hard hitting, zoning, pve monster.

the scrap mechanic is great but they should’ve made that part about him more enjoyable instead of moving away from it in favour of more hp and increased attack speed.

His E is improved from a team fight point but the clunkiness of the old version suited his fantasy and zoning style more. Now it plays more like a aoe mage style with a stun. We have enough mages.

His laser by far is the thing I dislike the most from the rework. Its so small now that it makes it more difficult to reliably hit things consistently. old laser was problematic too but at least you could sit in a bush or behind a gate and channel it without ppl knowing. All it needed was to charge faster, maybe hit harder at full blast but its size and clunkiness was good.

Personally I’m going to continue to play him as a specialist and try to make it work cause if i get forced into playing him like a bruiser i wont be playing him anymore cause thats not what I see him as. Ideally with reworks things should be balanced and organised behind talents so that you can build him for both paths or a hybrid.

pushers are not solo laners. Sonya and rexxar are not pushers. Pushers are lane control heroes and seige masters with strong pve. They are there to push in lanes and create macro pressure at the expense of team fight capabilities.


I’m scared to ask for some Zagara buffs now…

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No he’s gutted. He’s a bruiser who can’t do what bruisers do.

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This is my exact post and experience in qm. If I wanna try gazlowe I have to solo front line against artanis, sonya, imperius, and the likes. And you just simply can’t.

So you say Rexxar and Sonya are not good in controlling the lane and don’t have strong pve? :joy: Especially at dragonshrine and braxis Rexxar’s lane control is exceptional for me…

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Thing is sonya and rexxar have tough bodies to absorb, peel, and pseudo tank.

Imagine a game where your team is gazlowe and 4 mages vs sonya dehaka grey mane and 2 others.

This is happening often and these are not really winnable games.

Rexxar has Misha, who is tough, but he himself is actually weak. Gazlow has his turrets, who helps him in lane to control the lane, but I have to try him more out.

They are a single unit still. Misha isn’t a separate player.

Gaz is not a bruiser and can not fulfill that role at the moment.

“But he’s got the Hp of a bruiser”

So should we make azmodan a bruiser also?

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dont listen to these haters blizzard, i love the new gaz and he’s amazing. Its not your fault all they want to do is play as some lone wolf hero every day.

So are Gazlows turrets. Having all of them placed in lane should be a threat in fighting solo for the lane, even they deal lower dmg than before patch, because let’s be honest Zagaras lane presence is strong, because she has also a lot of minions, who supports her with their low chipdamage. How are they different to the turrets?

Azmo is indeed in a weird position. On the one hand he’s tanky due to high health and has also his minions, who supports him like Zagara’s minions, but on the other hand his kit can hardly control, but is mostly for dealing dmg. I would rather say he’s more support than actually assa as a mixed of zarya (“tanky”) and Vikings (“Pusher”). And yet I know this comparison sounds weird and funny. :joy:

In the sense of destroying minions, mercs, and buildings yes that’s exactly what I’m saying. Sonya doesn’t do it as well as say a stacked azmodan, a sylvanas who converts minions and deletes them instantly with aoe, Vikings which push all three simultaneously, Abby who can push two or three at once. Rex is a bit different cause he’s a special blend between bruiser and pve/mercer.

Sonya and Rex are really good at controlling points and lanes cause they are solo laner bruisers with good hp/sustain/dmg. But not in the sense macro pressure and control. And no their pve is not as good as the seigers / specialists. So don’t twist one thing for another eh? :joy:


When played correctly you can be a seiger/pusher and a contribute to team fights/objectives at the same time

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