Did blizzard forget about Gazlowe?

gazlowe never really hit the popularity like a similar character in a popular moba which will not be named. There are a few of us that have taken a liking to him with his new toolkit but he has not been updated in forever or given any skins, despite the creativity that is allowed with his model. Im thinking blizzard just gave up on gazlowe because he he couldnt reach the levels of endearment of a similar character in a very popular moba that should not be named, but such is democracy, i guess


Gaz isn’t only hero they forgot about.
Nova, Valeera, Li Li are on that list too.
(I don’t know all heroes so write them down)

He probably sold like shut and is unpopular so he doesnt justify a remake.

Dva is sexy and popular. If they spiced her up they might see some sells.

Althoufh, gazlowe did recieve some help awhile back so maybe thats it.

I have a strong feeling he’s getting a rework :slight_smile:

Yes. The goblin needs some finetuning

Alex murky butcher medivh thrall varian tyrael also are forgotten

Vitae, do you like the OW heroes?

But Medivh, Thrall, Varian are fine. Can’t say about Murky and Tyrael, but they don’t look underpowered. Tyrael’s talents are fine when Murky’s 1 lvl needs some changes.

Murky has terrible lvl 1 and 13 choises
Medivh needs tweaks
Varian is okay
Thrall has outdated 7 and 20 talents

I do! <3 I mostly play Tracer haha…

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What tweaks? I can say his 20 lvl invis and spell power talents could use some help, but other lvls are fine.

Gazlowe is just a niche type hero like Probius.

If he hasn’t been updated in forever, isn’t that because he’s considerably balanced?

And well, not surprising that a hero which isn’t very popular doesn’t receive a lot of new skins.

I don’t want Blizzard to rework Gazlowe just because other people don’t get him. I fear they will change or remove the things that I enjoy about Gazlowe.


There is someone more important Blizz has forgotten about.

If it were a popularity contest, he would rank extremely low…and probably never see a rework. This is not how Blizz operates though. They have a room called the RNG Room. This room encompasses the entire building except the lobby.
While in this room, Blizz picks a random hero to randomly balance, by doing random things to it. This room has no windows, no phones (cept for the Diablo Immortal team), all the walls are sound-proofed, and there is no internet connection.
When they have implemented their rigorous testing of randomizers, they put the changes on a CD and have the front desk send it out to the department which is held deep in the Earth’s crust. From there, the interns are allowed to upload the patch to the servers, which is held at Bozo the Clown’s basement.

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Level 1 is questionable a bit but not terrible , level 13 is so good and murky is a decent hero overall

He is fine , sundering upgrade is a bit boring.

He isn’t forgotten , he is good and actually a very strong duelist with robo goblin but he isn’t so popular yes like Rexxar or the lost vikings and this is ok , remember that HOTS team is much less in numbers than it what used to be so normally it takes more time to release changes and content

See above comment

because this Melee Assassin hero hasn’t rework for a year. also this hero has never Bug Fixed since last major update. I still have a chance for that hero rework or balance.


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Cassia is very sexy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Lvl13 is always fish tank
Egg shell is bad because it never returns and any damage takes it away
Bubble is less effective. Anoying at best

To stay on topic gazlowes wr is good but the hero needs more flexibility. I have no idea how and why to draft gazlowe

Preference ! , Why do I like to play Butcher ? no reason I just love him so I dedicate time to him and know when and how to make him work even if there are better options , we all have favourites and you can’t create a specific scenarion to fit one hero among 86 heroes , too hard to create such variety to give him exact unique purpose , and even with that said Gazlowe has zone control , sustained damage and wombo combo potential with others or on his own / or strong dueling/pushing capabilities if he chose Robo with an escape and Armor and it gets hilarious at 20 , in my eyes he is a better probius although the latter has faster wave clear

Gazlowe has a problem named low health pool. His kit circles around out-trading enemies with his zoning abilities, kiting enemies, roaming between turrets and casting bombs under his feet (or rather at place where he will be at during the explosion).

Overall, he doesn’t need a big rework in my opinion. He is a decent hero in some games, but I feel like small adjustments would make him more valuable especially he is late game hero. Upgrade his gravobomb ultimate to bigger range since 10 AND make him tankier, even at cost of some damage, it would be really okay.

If I’d have to rework him, I’d make him a bruiser hero actually:

Increase Gazlowe’s HP greatly
Reduce Gazlowe’s dmg a lot
Increase radius of gravobomb lvl 10 so it would be more viable
Add armor, shield or healing from picking scrap so it doesnt only grant mana and cd, but also some protection
Give him some survivalibity talents

Even now, I would still call Gazlowe good enough to not fit into top 10 worst heroes in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

The timing on this post was uncanny.