Devs please answer this about auriels rez data

So it worked for “Devs please answer this about DW balance data

Wondering if they got enough data that the buff to Auriels Rez is really OP

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Auriel rez does seem OP, coz the cast time is small, and the ressurect time also small, and it brings back 100% HP, now thats like having a 6th hero join the fight.

but lets see how it turns out :slight_smile:

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Would like to see Auriels winrate in higher leagues before buff and rezz winrate since the buff. Wondering if both values will be on OP side with minor difference.

Well, right now Res in diamond+ has a 58% winrate with 85% pop.,diamond

Auriel has a 58% winrate in diamond+ with 77% pop and 47% banrate.,diamond


I like the self res and the shorter time for someone to be revived, but the 100% hp is pretty insane. I think they should nerf it to 50% and see how it goes from there.

Thats not really what I was asking for tho

Sadly just because a dev answered there doesn’t mean they’ll reply here as well.
Plus the forums is for community discussions mostly and not for crying out loud for Blizz.
And personally, if replying somewhere would create demands and jealousy in other threads, I would also post rarely.

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Oh sorry, I misunderstood what you said.

Well, her winrate before on diamond+ was 57%, 1% pop and 3% banrate.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,diamond

Res had a 52% winrate with 3% pop, while Aegis had 57% winrate with 97% pop.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,diamond

Basically the changes to Res were good because it actually made it much more pickable compared to Aegis. Right now the problem is that Res is just better than Aegis. If the devs can nerf Res a bit, maybe both ultimate can have a healthy pickrate.


After trait buff but before rezz buff Auriel 3rd winrate (after Lucio and Uther), 4th popularity (Ana, Lucio, Rehgar) and 3rd pickrate (Lucio, Rehgar)
56.77 winrate, 24 popularity

After rezz buff Auriel tops winrate, popularity, and pickrate
58.45 winrate / 77 popularity

Now, since most people are slow and clueless and it takes them a while to realize certain things, I question if rezz contributed that much to Auriel being OP. You know, Aegis dominated before so basically Aegis performence = Auriel performence. Maybe it just made things even worse.

50% is too deep, I’d go 75 and I would Definately nerf the level 20 speed boost that is insane, maybe unstoppable for 1.5 to 2.5 seconds, and all basic abilities on CD would accomplish the same thing.

Give the escape ability they want but not make it such an offensive weapon where zeratul or some other assassin all ins, dies, then gets resed at huge move speed boost and all cd’s

2 - 3 second cast time
6 second ressurection time
Take away self-rez

I don’t understand the huge buff on rez. Other heroes such as Naz and Ming when devs comment X talent is not as popular as X, it gets a TINY buff, not even enough for players to pick it but to try it.

But with Auriel, she gets a HUGE effing buff, it wasn’t even tiny buff, they gave it more utility.

Naz: Spider build still mediocre, toads still wins
Ming: Orb still mediocre, calamity still wins

I actually think Auriel was always good even before trait buff, people just never really played her. I don’t think she needed that trait buff tbh, as it was very easy to get energy before that even without a true battery.

I also think Res needed some buffs, but the way it is now it’s a bit too “easy”, you know? There’s no skill involved and you bring back someone to life with 100%hp.

100% to 75% is almost nothing. This won’t change a thing. If the devs don’t want it to be less than 75%, than they should increase the cast time so we can interrupt it. Or increase the cooldown by a good amount.

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