Design AMA - May 9th, 2019

And just to make you happy, our Dva rework went from “it’s coming around half of 2019” to “she is in the list to get something in the future”


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They also mentioned a complete talent overhaul.


You can take my Aggression Matrix BUT NO TOUCH ME ABLATIVE


Not all of them, unfortunately - no answer about how the developers feel about community Reworks. Still, I’m very happy with the answers that I did get - especially about the coloration of Percentage Damage!

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Also Chen rework is seemingly pretty close.

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Well, it’s pretty silly to expect anything about specific heroes. They did sort of indirectly say that he’s high on their list. They were talking about how community feedback is important for how they choose heroes to start working on, which was brought up in a question about Grom.

They gave a nondescript “It’ll be in a few releases”, which hopefully means sooner than it took for Anduin. However, they did directly confirm that they’re still working on new heroes, and not just heroes that were already in development in December.

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Of course. Never said it was likely. It was just what I hoped

That was the only question I saw about community input on the next hero.
Though I guess it could go either way :thinking:

Yeah, I’m thinking 2 months would be more realistic. Maybe 3, but it definitely seems unlikely for a gap as large as imperius to anduin. Kaeo said the same thing about Anduin’s release in february.

Nice to have some confirmation on Anduin’s silhouette. They actually had him wielding fearbreaker at one point with Shalamayne on his back, but he looked too similar to Uther I guess. Maybe they didn’t want another melee holy healer. Would look weird swinging bolts of light from fearbreaker. The removal of the mace and sash seems to be the only change they’ve done to him since this model comparison.

Oh man, that sash and cloth shoulderpads look is super neat. It’s a real shame that they didn’t go with that in the final design.

Right?? I like his Legion model more than his BfA model because it retains his iconic (at least since MoP) attire really well. It’s okay to be a leader in robes. Velen looks great while doing it. Would help with all the people insisting he’s a paladin as well.

I hope they add it as a skin.

still no word on the easy task of removing the report system SIGH

Look how gracefully they dodge the topic of balancing a character while keeping them in line with source material, by mentioning heroes who don’t have issues in that department like Ragnaros or Samuro.

Like, we get that they were very successful with maintaining the fantasy of some heroes, but what about heroes who don’t quite hit the mark for fantasy and pulling from source material like Tassadar and Garrosh?

Tassadar in particular who everyone knows as a High Templar who commands psyonic powers to decimate enemies, but in HoTs he’s a shield bot support with very little damage dealing capabilities, a design he has had since the beta, even though people have been saying for years that this does not feel like tassadar.

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Tassadar has been acknowledged as suboptimal and is currently getting a massive rework.

Garrosh doesn’t need a major rework, though - he’s been super viable pretty much ever since he came out.


He’s also been super banned ever since he came out. The design clearly needs some inquiring if a hero has been 1st ban material for 2-straight years.

Garrosh is banned right now because he is strong.

People wanted pull removed (which apparently caused the “unfun” danger zone) and it got removed.

I understand Tassadar case, but since i’m not in to Warcraft i lack the knowledge about Garrosh, could you explain me why Garrosh doesn’t feel well represented?

What does that have to do with source material?

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It’s a perspective thing. Warchief wants Garrosh to be a berserker. The team went from the perspective of how Garrosh is described as a brilliant strategist, which fits more with a tank that literally manipulates his enemies. I think they nailed the imposing presence when you’re playing against him - you feel like you can’t go anywhere near him, otherwise you’ll be thrown to the ground and killed instantly. I don’t think that translates directly when you play as him, but I still like his gameplay, and gameplay > flavour ultimately.

A lot of Warchief’s arguments tend to boil down to the trait, specifically it being named after Hearthstone. I personally don’t care - in flavour, it’s him being stubborn and battle-ragey as he gets tougher the more injured he is, and I like the nod to Hearthstone (although they really missed the mark on not calling Double Up “Tank Up”).

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The problem with Garrosh is he’s one of those characters who strongly leans towards a lot of things. He’s a berserker, but also an unstoppable mass of muscle as well as a cunning leader and so on.

That said, i agree with warchief that the kit doesn’t fit. He’s probably the worst hero in this regard.

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Read through a lot of it, and it is the usual, noncommittal fluff with nothing of real merit.

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