Defiler hero: Thakras

Thakras-The Unclean one.
During the end of the Brood War, the combined forces of the Protoss, the UED, and the Dominion led an assault against the Queen of Blades Kerrigan. During her defense, Kerrigan unleashed her most powerful Broods. Among them was the defiler Thakras whose corruption ravaged even the most battle-ready enemy. With his Queen safe from harm, Thakras turns his venoms toward the Nexus.

Thakras is a ranged support hero who supports his allies by disrupting his enemies.

Skins: Defiler Skin, Viper Skin
+Sustained Combat
-Lane Pushing
-Global Presence



Mount: Deep Tunnel. Can Tunnel around the map like Abathur

Trait: Consume: Kills an allied minion and recovers 50 mana.

Q: Acid Spore-Infects and enemy unit or structure with Acid spores and causes them to take additional damage from basic attacks. 10 Second Cooldown.
W: Plague: Unleashes a plague on an AoE that deals moderate poison damage over a short period of time. Plague always leaves the enemy with at least 1 HP. 10 second cooldown.
E: Ocular Parasite: A skill shot that attaches to the first enemy hero that it hits. Grants vision of the hero and a small area around it for 10 seconds. 15 second Cooldown.
R1: Dark Swarm-Creates a cloud at a target location that reduces all damage to allied units under it by 25% for 10 seconds. 30 second cooldown
R2: Parasitic Bomb: Attaches to the first enemy hero it hits. Deals damage to that hero and any units around the hero for 5 seconds. 60 second cooldown.


I like the ocular parasite a lot. The initial shot could grant vision in a radius that gets smaller over time but it should last indefinitely and can only be cleansed by a trip back to their altar of storms. The parasite was one of my favorite Zerg abilities. I loved being able to track enemy movements. You could limit it to 1 active at a time to balance it out.

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I hope there’s a way to talent into abduct and blinding cloud. They’re so iconic to vipers and since vipers are the successors of defilers, I think it fits the theme?

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They could definitely be level 20 talent options. I didn’t put blinding because. It seemed a bit boring to have both ults simply be clouds. So I went with Dark swarm since that is the defiler’s ability. And I didn’t put abduct because that seemed too similar to stitches and didn’t fit the play style of Thakras since he doesn’t want to get up close to the enemy. But they could totally be level 20’s as an extra ability for sure.

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This is Awesome. Getting a plague off on a whole team would be hilarious. I thought it would be an ult actually.
I actually posted a hero with a few similar abilities as yours it turns out ;D
I’d be thrilled if some people checked it out.

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