Deathwings Win Rate Continues to Plummet

But this site proves you wrong


That was sarcasm my friend.

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“When it doesn’t”? You have yet to explain how the stats no longer suit the overarching narrative of his overtuning. You’re using a small drop in winrate (and winrate alone) to paint the narrative of him falling into line with everyone else on the roster based on a single metric of data (winrates) without accounting for other variables involved (ban/pick/performance at masters+)

Keep in mind, both Ming and Kael (considered most broken releases ever) were slowly dipping in winrate as the days/weeks past, yet everyone including Blizzard still acknowledged they were broken.

Yeah, thats not what niche means. Xul, Gaz, and Probius are niche because there are only a few situations where they fit in an excel in. DW Excels on every map in virtually every team comp against any team comp (Yes including % damage).

What happens in draft more often than not, is the enemy uses most of if not ALL of their picks to counter deathwing, at which point, Deathwing either lanes or switches to worldbreaker form, eliminating the threat completely. This is where things usually fall apart because the enemy spends so much of their resources trying to counter DW that they have nothing to counter the rest of your team with.

No, he’s not advocating that he is “fine” or “balanced” but rather that he is so bad that he is considered horrible or not even worth a pick.

See below for details:

Playing devil’s advocate for a moment here. Let’s say that the stats do support that Deathwing is slowly falling into more balanced territory, In no universe do the stats prove that Deathwing is “horrible” (and by extension, in need of buffs)


This was a joke my friend

It’s a good thing I never claimed that there were stats that indicated that he was terrible.

That’s just my opinion. You can think he’s the best thing since sliced toast, I don’t care if you have an opinion about him either way. That’s not the point of any of my posts on the topic.

this post aged terribly… Never even stood a chance.


This is my big question. Destroyer overwrites Worldbreaker so hard because the protracting is highly, painfully evident in the latter. So much so that you might take less damage from it than anything else in the game, if not for standing in fire breaths.

I wonder why they made it. He feels perfectly flush with Destroyer, was Worldbreaker needed?

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99% popularity rate. IMO with this popularity rate it means he is OP. the other heroes with that win rate have a far less popularity rate.

Well, turns out everyone was right and OP was wrong as expected :joy:


This is the part where he says “Hes a fan favorite” as justification.

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Plummets usually means that he went from a respectable winrate to an unrespectable winrate.

It’s fairly clear his winrate is still respectable, nay, exceptional.

But overall winrate is a fairly vague vision of what’s going on, you have to do it by map and the evidence becomes much more clear.

Indeed. It’s hyperbolic, just like the cries of how game breaking overpowered he is.

To be fair those extreme titles and claims get similarly cold corrections from the community.
Anyways, I am ambivalent of DW. What I am not that people pretend as if stats like this wasn’t a thing for some other notorious heroes. I can understand if somebody argues that high performance on these stats should mean he is OP. I don’t exactly agree given the method of gathering the unofficial stats but that’s another matter. I can’t bear manchildren who pretend Deathwing is some kind of anomaly (hah) that has unprecedented performance. What’s more I feel what happens here is confirmation bias. You face a new character, fail to adapt, get tilted, look it up online, see something about stats and then try to (badly) present your rage thread of the week as unbiased fact.
I deeply loathe this trend.


The fact that deathwing’s existence rules out so many heroes and counters them is the worst part, that includes almost all the heroes with skillshot CC like Muradin and Dehaka because he can just stand in front of his team and eat everything. He also does a lot in teamfight by cataclysm over the enemy team, he deals quite a lot of dmg to back line but since he’s unstoppable the tank can’t really get him off immediately. People will say oh just kill him but hello Deathwing has 4 teammates who are ready to jump onto your team! All the time I play Hots, new heroes like fenix, maiev, Orphea, qhira never gave me such problem and annoyance. Although I can say…my win rate playing AGAINST Deathwing is still more wins than defeats

Waiting for you to answer the dev who said DW needs nerfs and will get some next patch.

This gets misquoted a lot. DW is receiving nerfs but it’s likely on his overperforming talents and it’s even possible that he receives something new for his Worldbreaker form. Though most likely just few number adjustments so it feels a slight bit less underwhelming.

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OP talents make a hero OP lmao.


Yeah, looking forward to seeing exactly what that means and how the peanut gallery will respond. In case your wondering, my position hasn’t change: you all over react about ever new hero that gets released.

I didn’t. This is literally the first time I say a hero is OP and needs nerfs after a release, and that is based on statistics, numbers, games, replays, screenshots, gameplay, streams and overall thought of the whole playerbase.

This is not just me crying DW is OP right now. I base everything on facts.

If you go back and look at the Qhira release, I was here saying she was definitely fine (maybe even kinda bad) and was just another QM stomp hero like Butcher.

It’s not. It’s based on your cherry picked statistics that you don’t understand the context of (nobody does).

You want to believe that DW is OP so you search for and find a statistic that supports that claim.

That’s been my point this entire time.