Dear Hanzo players - don't pick Q quest vs TLV

Good TLV player will never let you hit all 3 vikings. If map allows, player can put one of TLV at the Hall of the Storm (did such thing on TotSQ map) and you 100% will be dead weight for your team.

I had a game in SL on CH and enemy Hanzo took Q quest. Oh course he didn’t end it. And I won.

Idk why but it keeps happening with me when I have Hanzo vs me.

Edit: Don’t pick Head-Hunter quest as Zul’Jin too.


Dear Hanzo players please don’t pick Q-quest period. Thank you!


Better q than aa imo

Redemption can be insane if the player is a supremely skilled Hanzo - i.e. he dies 1 or less times per game consistently. Firing 50% faster with piercing arrows + giant killer melts even heavier tanks like snow.

But as with Alarak - most people can’t play him without feeding.
I tanked vs a good Redemption Hanzo and wish I wasn’t born. I couldn’t move without being shredded to half health.


its either W or redemption, a good hanzo would never go the Q quest


Once again you bring up a good point. Though most hanzo’s that have ruined my games have been q quest hanzos that are deadly shots.

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I never go (Q) Arrow quest on Hanzo. Period. Even if they don’t have Abathur or TLV. The 100 damage and extra range is barely worth a talent.

Scatter Arrow (W) quest I take for full W build on maps that have good constant targets for arrow bouncing like the capture point on Braxxis.

I always, always take Redemption vs. 2 tanks, as a replacement for Tychus or Leoric. It is the only way to drive away 2 heavies like Muradin + Diablo from the capture point or objective.
Q does laughable damage against them and Scatter arrow doesn’t do enough even if it hits them at point blank range.

But it is very hard to juggle autos with him without being caught. It’s like a dance of back and forth, it’s really hard but rewarding if you manage to play Redemption properly (and very punishing if you die since the stack loss hurts).


Except so TLV “100% will be dead weight” since a lot of their strong talents require all 3 to be in the same place…

The main reason not to pick it is because it takes an extra 40% longer to complete, assuming TLV does not purposely try to make it harder.

With my build TLV start to group up from 16-20 lvl. And when they do - they dive that Hanzo and burst him down by StW when he’s stunned and finish by AAs if he doesn’t jump over wall.

Redemption is hands down his strongest build, but you should only pick it when you can stack it easily and you should combo with the lvl 4 that lets you 1 shot minions. Then you should aim to have the quest done before lvl 4 and from then on your job is rotate and annihilate minion waves giving your team an early xp lead. You can bully just about anyone in lane with your increased AA speed and range and you deliver a ridiculous amount of safe damage to their tank in early fights that no early game healer can heal through. No one else gets such a massive level 4 powerspike.

You go Q quest when you need the range only, typically if your enemy has drafted a lot of range themselves. Q is good at poking mages while staying perfectly safe, and in a perfect world you also make use of the spell power on stormbow talent to charge Dragonstrike to a worthwhile power level, the use case for this is maps with area control objectives like Altarac Pass.

Against TLV you just go Redemption with Scatter anyway. Ridiculously easy to stack redemption and then you are setup to kill Vikings easily with AAs and finish with scatter. OP is correct, Q build a mistake against Vikings.

Can you hanzos also not pick it vs. abathur? Yeesh. :expressionless:

Lmao had to suicide dive aba last week because I made this mistake. Got my stack though!

I saw that when I play as Hanzo I got target to another heroes that I seek to play which I see for it. today I go that hero with Orphea announcer (alongside Junkrat when purchased).

Some people can’t play hanzo without Q build , sad fact.

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this is one of those obvious bits of advice that should’nt need to be given to anyone with even half a braincell,

like people taking Pyroblast in aram against medivh.
or lucios taking reverse amp against a genji.


I play Hanzo, and while Redemption is fun to play and can be devastating. It’s suffers like any other hero does against various setups.

It’s good but not against all setups. Pick it into a wrong setup even if it’s your best option and YOU as a Hanzo player will wish you was never born.


Thanks for the advice, I will pick Q quest only against Abathur now.


:smiley: I still remember that someone complained about Abat that he is too OP because Hanzo can’t finish his Q quest against him.
And that they should nerf Abat because of that.

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