Crazy how bad hots has become

It’s been quite some time since I lasted played. I initially uninstalled for about 2 years and didn’t even look back and I’ve been a happier person ever since. I downloaded hots again because I needed a throw away game until shadowlands dropped and I made the unfortunate mistake of buying imperius and playing him and got addicted once again…

I started doing competitive and it was great at first, but then I started losing left and right. I won 6 games in a row and lost 2 and just like that, those 6 wins meant NOTHING, because my points dropped me down from almost silver 1 to silver 3 IN JUST TWO LOSSES!

About a week and half into hots and I’m stuck at silver 3, no matter how hard I carry a team and set up kills. My teams always consist of ragers, morons, people that are playing casually in competitive and use the excuse “it’s just a game” to excuse their poor play, people with terrible internet connections and people that can’t speak even a bit of english, so pings are useless. Meanwhile, the enemy team has a squad of 3-5 people, smurfs and just all around average players that really shouldn’t be in low tier.

I remember why I quit again and it’s because this matchmaking system makes overwatch’s matchmaking system look like royalty. The balance is pathetic for some heroes, like mei, imperius, deathwing and kt. The chat is a racist, political mess and makes f2p games chats look clean, because there’s zero moderation.

The absolute WORST part of this game is how it sets you up to lose and no matter how much you win, two losses will absolutely destroy you. Why is the punishment so harsh?

TL;DR: This game feels god awful to play in just about every single aspect.


It’s even more crazy that Blizzard won’t shut it down for good.


They wont shut it down but they also wont fix it. Like I fail to understand the goal here.


TL:DR: op is stuck in silver and blames everything but themself.


@gombaraoni is in bronze. So he cant talk
Silver is seriously elo hell. I hit plat last season and the games were so much more fun. People talked and team played. I get 60% insta lock people and 20% trolls. So If I dont preform like a pro I lose every game

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I started from high gold and got dropped down to silver because of terrible matchmaking, but nice try bucko! I like how you insulted me and then agreed in the next breath.

I love the way people try and argue on these forums. It’s pretty much what I expect from a game that’s in maintenance mode.

its very bad pointless game when you cant get out of low ranks even when you tried

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Game is not designed for players to climb.

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Yeah I remember back then I quit due to the same reason, the ratio was like if i have to remains on my spot i need to win 3games and lose 2 games, because i had a bad streak in ranked MM earlier.

i agree they need to do somthing or shut it down the game isnt even fun anymore


So bad… I got kids in bronze ranked. solo laning as the healer… assassins making sure they murder minions when the team is fighting 5 feet away. Its sooo bad. Invis insta locking in draft. ITS SOOO BAD. been playing since Alpha… take breaks here and there. But this game has gotten significantly worse. I think 2022 I uninstall this HOTS garbage

And It doesn’t matter how well you play… If you have 0 death 20 kills 2x more XP, 2x more DMG than each other, if your AFK/potato/troll team RND members lost your game becouse play badly you LOST same rank point that player with 0,0,0,0 SAD story

thisbis most stupid game. you won’t get more points even you are mvp
. How stupid it is. The person designed this game must be dumbass.


Or maybe he’s playing a game whose ranking system is intentionally designed to keep you away from the rank you should be.

“has become”. As if there were no potatoes since the begining… xD

Nah game used to be pretty good, you didnt get trolls 9 out of 11 games. But sadly blizzard cut funding, banned player due to a terrible bot system and many people have either quit or make troll accounts out of spite.

Turn off team chat, and focus on what you need to do, as in your role. You will encounter bad players and bad games, but if you do the soaking you need to do, show up and fight when you have out cleared minions and get picks with Imperius, and show up to team fights, you will do much better in the long run. Are you used to playing solo laner or how do you play it? look up NotParadox’s video This player makes the same mistakes on Yrel that others do and with slight changes will dominate. (sorry for the long video name). I hope this helps you in your efforts.


this game is still like as you explained. Nothing changed its really bad, and they have a prompt that ask you how good is the report system…just to queue you with the person u reported for throwing your match earlier.