Correction factor for death

Having spent 7 years in the game and faced with many situations, I believe that I have an idea about what is happening in the game.
Recently, I have been concerned about the problem of the ruiners who are thrown into the matches of the league of heroes, or in other words, there is unpunished ruining in the league of heroes.
Literally on Tuesday, I won as many as 7 matches in a row with the company, this has not happened for a long time, since I usually play alone.
But as soon as a player left us, or rather a random player came to us, in my understanding, ruining began.
Tower of Doom card, the player takes Nazeebo which is logical and the game starts accordingly.
But here the player does not go on the attack for the entire match while the allies are alive and goes to die alone as soon as the majority has died.
He did not capture control points, did not push strongholds, moreover, he did not even recapture his own strongholds.
Ignored calls to go on the attack and not stand at the base.
And if I’m not mistaken, I played with a score of 1/8 and damage like a healer.
Similar and more deplorable situations occur all the time, and this problem needs to be solved for a long time.
Guided by the principle of criticizing - suggest a solution, I propose to introduce a multiplying coefficient on death in a match 1.08 ^ * where the snowflake is the number of deaths, which is imposed on the penalty for losing the match, as well as in pursuit of those who left the match, in addition to the penalty for leaving the penalty for the death of the bot who it will remain.
This coefficient, according to my calculations, will allow you to get rid of the ruiners who spoil the impression of the game with impunity and, as a punishment, they will play against their own kind at the very bottom of the league.
There will be less toxicity in the game.
League matchmaking will get better.
The pleasure of the game and the opinion about the game will improve, rise online, which, according to optimistic forecasts, may increase interest in the revival of the game before it’s too late.
Support the post, healthy criticism is welcome.

Ruiners are a problem I had a player a few days ago who picked vikings and went afk in spawn, typing stating how they were throwing on purpose and other toxic nonsense.

The problem I have with your proposal is punishing people for their number of deaths is wrong in so many ways.

Also when the system is purely automated it’s difficult to manage with the amount of false reports people get, so a fair amount of accumulative reports does seem a logical way to approach things at the moment.

It is a problem within the game but I personally don’t see how it would be fixed without having a report system where humans can review a players behaviour, which isn’t going to happen.

All I can suggest is report this behaviour everytime, especially if you are with a group and encourage youe groupies to report as well.

That way action should take place faster on the perpetrators account.

Is this like an early version of Chat GPT, or what? That was an awkward read.

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