[Concept] Amon (starcraft)

You may not like him as a character (for legal reasons, lol), but I will try to convince you with this concept of him as the hero of Nexus.

Trivia: The clouds are gathering, and the shadows are growing, and the earth trembles. The Dark God, Amon, has arrived in Nexus with his new hybrid host. Now the Nexus will fear the end of the infinite cycle.

Class - Healer
Difficulty - medium
Description - Hero, that can heal certain allies more than others, controlling the battlefield even after death.

Health - 1940
Regeneration - 5.6 per sec

Mana - 500
Regeneration - 4.5 per sec

Autoattack - 102
Speed - 0.9 per sec
Range - 1.3 meters


D - God’s body
Amon is presented as a hybrid, but himself is in the void. When Amon dies, void shard spawns from the void portal in the place of Amon’s death. Amon can control the void shard and can use his abilities, but they deal 50% less damage, and effects last 50% less time. The shard can’t move and stays in the place of death. When Amon resurrects, the shard gets back into the void.

Q - Blessing of the God
Amon marks the targeted hero with his signature, giving this hero 225 heal within 4 seconds, it heals in periods of 0.25 seconds each (like Lucio). Periods of heal get 35% more efficient if the target stays in the radius near Amon.
CD - 8 seconds, Mana - 45, the radius of upgraded heal - 5.5 meters

W - Winds of Void
Amon uses his Xel Naga power to create Void Winds in the Nexus, so they start to orbit him (similar to Johanna’s active talent on level 13, but maximum orbit Is much smaller). When Winds hit heroes, they slow them for 75% for 2 seconds (the effect weakens) and deal 95 damage, and this wind disappears. All in all, Amon spawns 2 winds.
CD - 14 seconds, Mana 70

E - Possess
Amon uses his power of enslaving, mind-controlling targeted hero. That hero walks the distance of 3 meters forward (this is shown while choosing target). After that, the target takes 135 damage.
CD - 30 seconds, Mana 55, the radius of activation - 4 meters

R1 - The Null-zone beam
Amon charges the null-zone beams and fires it. The beam is fully controlled and moves with 35% of basic hero speed. The beam deals 120 damage to enemies each second and heals 100 to allies each second. The beam can be maintained up to 5 seconds, after which it’s stopped. The beam can be started at any visible point, so it’s a global ability, but it can’t be used from void shards.
CD - 90 seconds, Mana 100

R2 - And the earth will tremble
Amon uses his powers to make ground in the area (circle area, radius 6 meters) to shake for 2 seconds and then burst with void energy, dealing 325 damage to enemy heroes and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. This ability is also global and it can be used when Amon is in the void shard.
CD - 110 seconds, Mana 110

R3 - Void rift
Amons uses his powers and after a 1.25 seconds delay a void rift spawns. Each hero (ally or enemy) that comes into the rift, falls into the void, which means he disappears from the map and gains “stasis” status. After 4 seconds, the rift closes, but then opens in a random point within 5 meters range of position of the old rift, and all heroes are thrown in the area nearby a new rift. (uses the animations of void rifts spawning units), damaging enemy heroes 455 and healing allies for 545. The rift has a form of a circle with a radius of 5.
CD - 100 seconds, Mana 90.

Level 1
Q - Return to the God - When the target of “Blessing” is in the upgraded range, Amon’s mana regen raises up by 130%.
Q - Forget your doubts - For each meter closer to Amon, this ability heals target 15% more efficiently.
Passive - End the Cycle - Quest: Amon must see a hero (enemy or ally) dying near him 3 times. Reward: Amon heals 35% more efficient heroes who have less than 20% of their health.

Level 4
Q - Don’t be afraid - The upgraded radius is now 35% bigger, and the basic heal is increased by 15%.
W - Fear the void - Quest: “Winds of Void” must hit 4 heroes in 1 use. Rewards: Amon will summon additional Wind.
E - Obey the Darkness - Increases the distance of controlled movement by 0.7 meters, but the target gains 10% additional speed for that time.

Level 7
E - Whispers of hatred - After the target loses mind control, its spell power will be reduced by 25% for 4 seconds. Effect re-establishes every time this hero takes damage from spells.
E - Now you see - The target is revealed for 2 seconds after losing mind control and during it, but Amon is revealed for that time as well.
D - Void is near - Void Shard generates an aura of damage in a circle with a radius of 4.5 meters. Aura damages 35 damage each second.
Active - An end to infinite suffering - Amon can use this ability to make an ally hero unstoppable for 1 second and remove all control effects from him, but Amon will lose 10 armor for 2 seconds. CD - 60 seconds

Level 10
R1, R2, R3

Level 13
Q - Fulfill the purpose - While the target is in the upgraded radius, the ability’s CD restores 100% more efficiently.
W - You will not stop me - The slow effect is reduced to 60%, but it doesn’t weaken.
E - Impudent speck! - The target of mind control loses 15 armor while mind-controlled and 3 seconds after.
Passive - Miasms - Each autoattack of Amon heals ally heroes in the radius of 4 meters for 60% of dealt damage.

Level 16
Q - The Salvation I bring - When Amon uses “Blessing of the God”, it is also applied to the nearest ally. This version of “Blessing” gets all talent bonuses, except level 13, it can be applied to Amon.
E - Manipulated for the entirety of your existence - The target stays mind-controlled for 1 second in point of destination, and after that becomes silenced for 1.5 seconds. Decreases Manacost by 15.
Passive - Plan for you all - Amon’s autoattacks gain AOE, but their speed is decreased by 30%.

Level 20
R1 - Narud’s legacy - After successfully starting to maintain the beam, Amon becomes unstoppable until he stops maintaining the beam. The damage and heal of the beam are increased by 30%.
R2 - I will destroy the ground beneath you - The area where this ability was used becomes an obstruction for 3 seconds, all heroes there are thrown in any direction and can be found on the edge of the area. Amon gains 30 mana for each hero hit.
R3 - Run, betrayers - After being released from the void, heroes gain fear effect for 3 seconds, and ally heroes gain this effect as well, but only for 1.5 seconds. For each hero that goes into void, Amon restores 200 health.
D - The Host - Void Shard is replaced with Void Crystal. It can move with 70% of the basic speed of heroes.

Thanks for those who read up to the end.

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Pretty cool, I never thought Deathwing would enter the Nexus but I was wrong ;D Amon could work, I like the trait quite a bit.
Making him a healer is not what I expected. And making his heal a triple Panda Tea special… I dunno how I feel about that. Lili can be kinda garbage at times.
The orbit W… sure, reminds me of that Dragon character in LoL.
And a point and click Mind Control? I’m not sure how popular that would be lol.
That’s basically the old Sylvanas Ult on an E.

The Nullzone beam is a neat idea, it’s basically an Artanis space laser except you control it while channeling it and it heals as well as damages?
The Void Rift is basically a Devouring Maw except it’s square?

The lvl 20 Narud’s Legacy makes me want Duran in the game more than Amon ;D
We spent a lot more time with the guy.

It’s not like this.
When you drag the coursor (after pressing E) on target, it will show the vector of where the hero will go. When you push on hero, the hero will go, and you don’t have to maintain the control. Well it might look like this, but dunno.

Well, LiLi can’t heal 1 target with 3 cups at the same time :sunglasses:

Well probably yes, but unlike the Maw, you can enter the void at any time (not when it is used), so it is more of obstruction.

Actually, some abilities (like Q and W, R1) were firstly in my Narud’s concept, but then i thought “it’s better for Amon than Narud”

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When I say Lili is garbage I mean that her design is horrible. She is not fun to play against while being super easy to play. And Amon with his triple teacup special has the potential to be 3 times as garbage ;D
I’d be careful with an ability like that.

I have nothing against making Amon a healer, it could be a neat twist. I think it’d be cool if he had more global abilities tho. Like he could be a full on healer but be more similar to Abathur in his team participation.
Ana is the only character with a real long range heal with her Eye of Horus and maybe Tyrande with her Shadow Stalk. Maybe a global aoe heal overtime effect could be interesting as his Q that even works on minions, so he has pushing potential as well as healing.

I like most of the kit, just not Blessing of the God. Mashing QQQQQQ all game is stupid. Maybe if you penalize spamming it. Maybe you could add an effect like Whitemane where the more you use it the more mana it will cost or something.

Noted, i will try to rework this ability.

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I like how you made Amon, the big baddy of Starcraft, enslaver of the Zerg, corruptor of the Khala, Master of the Void, the fallen Xel’Naga, a healer. Lmao

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Who else would do it?
Panda with drunken Uncle?
Guy with music addiction?
Uther, who makes newbies only fight on mid non-stop?
NOPE! Only the daddy Amon can save this world from death.

Anyways, i have ideas for rework of Q and balance of R3, expect it to come soon.

UPD: Q has been reworked, R3 was upgraded.


yeah that Q looks better. Though it still feels like you can just Q endlessly without penalty. You could still do something cute like every friendly hero you cast Q on also gains some Winds of the Void and the heal is really bad unless they go out and try to hit enemies with their winds. Tho then your healing depends on your own team’s competence… ;D

The new VoidRift tho, w8. So you Maw a bunch of dudes infront of your own Gate in one of these VoidRifts lets say and the stasis ends which distributes the enemies randomly around. Will some of them be so unfortunate to just come out of stasis next to your Keep? ;D
This could be pretty funny. It’s the opposite of what most ults try to achieve which is to bunch enemies together.

That’s why all ults have pretty long CD, they are global and powerful.

Well that’s why Zeratul’s dom was used.

Which is considered to be meh.

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