Compensation for losing because team member is a bot

I am waiting for rank points compensation. Thanks Blizzard.

Thank you for your report! We have investigated the issue and came to conclusion that the compensation is indeed necessary. We have reimbursed all your allies from recent games for the amount of lost rank points due to bot player in their matches.

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You have to look at the big picture.

You have 4 teammates and 5 opponents. You are likelier to have an opponent bot.
When you lose, the game gets a little easier. Enjoy!
It’s not a ladder, it’s a skill balancing system.
People regularly go on win/loss streaks, one match is irrelevant.

If you lose fewer points, the overall MMR change of the match will be positive.
If the leaver loses extra, it may be overly harsh and also lucrative rank drop (smurf) mechanic.
If the winners gain less, they may feel it unjust.
(What about winning alongside a bot?)

Just for the sake of science and search function. I surely hope OP forgot about it by now.

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Tbf I don’t see a problem with a compensation system for this as pokemon unite do it.

Just I am 99 percent sure maintenance mode wont allow it.