Command Line Arguments

I have an Ultrawide Monitor as my second monitor and a smaller standard 1080p monitor as my main. When I load HOTS, it always opens on the smaller one. I always wind up minimizing it, moving it to the second monitor, going into settings and selecting windowed mode, applying it, selecting the windowed (fullscreen) mode. then applying it to be able to play on my ultrawide. I am certain there is a command-line argument that can save me lots of time and energy when loading the game. Does anyone know what I have to do, besides changing my default monitor, to force the game to load on my second monitor?

Hey there,

Heroes of the Storm is coded to always launch on the primary display as set in Windows, and as far as I’m aware there isn’t a command line argument to change this unfortunately.

However, to make things easier when switching it to the other monitor you can try the key combo Win + Shift + Arrow key. So if your Ultrawide display is on the left, and primary 1080p display is on the right, you would use Win + Shift + Left arrow to quickly swap it.

Note: In Windows 10 you need to have “Snap windows” enabled under Settings -> System -> Multitasking for this key combo to work.

Hope that helps at least!