Come join us for a 5v5! Community Event hosted on Cain's Discord!

Sup people - so I’m going to host a 5v5 next week on the 27th in the evening EST. The winners will get 10 dollars each. (It isn’t much - but let’s have some fun people!) Anyone is welcome to join us for this event.

As long as you respect the rules of Cain’s Discord. We should be good to go. Anyone within Cain’s Discord server is able to participate and anyone on the forum is welcome as well. (Even if I dislike you. <3 Come join in the fun and socialize with great people.)

(Please keep personal grudges out of this Discord. If you come in - you must RESPECT one another.)

This will be hosted on American servers. Edit: If it happens we have more EU players next week. This event will be hosted on the EU servers.



Also in the Discord there’s some intresting servers, but you can just ignore them


Go ahead and have your fun, I can’t play at that time but don’t let that stop you.

Yeeees. Cain sadly won’t be playing.

But come in and form your teams people!

I’ll try to host this event once a week and maybe increase the prize pool if this event takes off.

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In my country 10 dollars is big number, so why not?


It’s gonna be in the :us: server



Yeees. Maybe if the event gets enough traction. I’ll put more money towards it - but hey, 10 dollars is enough to buy some gems? :b


You seem like a positive person. If you ever do an EU thing I’d gladly join.

We will do EU event. But why not start on America? You can start by winning and buying a hero. :smiley:

Remember to bring your :euro:'s than :dollar:


I will wait for EU even then.


I would love to do this, unfortunately I take care of my 11 month old early in the morning until 4pm and then work until 12:30am central time during the week.

We can always schedule these events accordingly. c:

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When did you become so cute? Or I missed something? Or I was blind? :3

In Soviet Russia, 5v5 plays you for paying $10.



My sister literally describes me as “Half landmine. Half teddybear.”

This is me being a teddy bear and want everyone to get along.

I could go back to being a landmine if you wish.

For everyone who plays on the EU - join up! We will be hosting this event at least once a month.

To be honnest - I like you both.

Did you play the Landmine that killed the director in Tropic Thunder?


Come at me world.